Bird Flu Expected to Spread Quickly in Africa

Posted on February 13, 2006

Now that the H5N1 bird flu has arrived in Africa it is expected to spread quickly in the continent according to experts cited in a BBC article. So far it has only been reported in Nigeria.
Dr Nabarro said the WHO was anticipating further outbreaks in other parts of Africa.

"If it's in Nigeria it might also be in other countries that are less well-equipped."

He said governments and ordinary people would have to take "very, very strong precautions" to protect themselves and stop the disease spreading.

"We've got to have all countries, particularly in West Africa, being very vigilant for bird die-offs, which are the indicator of bird flu being in the population."
The article also says that the bird flu is also dangerous the livelihood of some Nigerians whose only source of income comes from raising chickens.
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