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Mass Fish Die Off Reported Near Tianjin Blast Site (August 20, 2015): A mass fish die off has been reported near the Tianjin blast site in China.

Satellite Images Show Beijing Quadrupled in Size From 2000 to 2009 (July 4, 2015): Data from NASA's QuikScat satellite shows Beijing quadrupled in size from 2000 to 2009. The city's winter temperatures also climbed.

Study: Increase in Carbon Emissions Boosts Risk of Megadroughts (February 14, 2015): NASA study finds an increase in carbon emissions increases the risk of megadroughts.

Pink Sea Slug Boom Reported Along Central and Northern California Coast (January 31, 2015): There is a boom in the population of pink sea slugs along the Central and Northern California coast. The slugs are about an inch long.

Mystery Goo Killing Birds in San Francisco Bay (January 25, 2015): A sticky mystery goo is killing birds in the San Francisco Bay. The goo has the consistency of rubber cement.

4.4 Billion-Year-Old Zircon Crystal is Oldest Known Piece of the Earth's Crust (February 25, 2014): A 4.4 billion-year-old microscopic zircon crystal found in Western Australia is the oldest known piece of the Earth's crust.

Google Launches Site That Tracks Deforestation in Near Real-Time (February 21, 2014): Google has launched a new website that monitors deforestation in near real-time.

Oregon Chub Expected to Be First Fish Removed From Endangered Species List (February 4, 2014): The Oregon chub is proposed as the first fish to be removed from the Endangered Species List . The small minnow was listed as endangered in 1993.

Scientists Say Earthworm Poo Could Provide Window Into Past Climates (July 10, 2013): Scientists say earthworm poo could provide a window into past climates.

Heat-related Deaths in Manhattan Projected to Rise 20% in 2020s (May 20, 2013): A new study from Columbia University's Earth Institute and the Mailman School of Public Health projects heat-related deaths to climb 20% in the 2020s.

NASA's GROVER to Explore Greenland Ice Sheet (May 1, 2013):

Sinkholes Can Occur Anywhere in Florida (March 6, 2013):

NASA Aquarius Reveals Findings From One Year of Measuring Earth's Salty Seas (February 28, 2013):

Ice Boulders Found on Shore of Lake Michigan (February 26, 2013):

Dutch Scientists Determine Mealworms Would Make Good Sustainable Protein (January 25, 2013):

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