FDA Warns Companies Over Bogus Bird Flu Claims

Posted on December 13, 2005

The FDA is warning nine companies over bogus bird flu claims. The Washington Post says the companies have just 15 days to respond.
Claims made by the companies about their treatments include phrases like "prevents avian flu," "a natural virus shield" and "kills the virus," the FDA said.

Because of these claims, the agency considers their products, most of which are marketed as dietary supplements, to be new drugs that require approval before they can be sold.

The nine companies are: Sacred Mountain Management Inc., BODeSTORE.com, Melvin Williams, Iceland Health Inc., PolyCil Health Inc., PRB Pharmaceuticals Inc., Chozyn LLC, Vitacost.com and Healthworks 2000.
Viruses, like the avian flu, tend to bring out natural fears in humans and there is nothing more despicable than companies trying to profit from that fear.
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