New Satellite Imagery of Greensburg, Kansas

Posted on May 10, 2007

The devastation caused by the powerful EF5 tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas has now been captured on satellite images. Google blogs that with the help of one of its satellite providers they were able to make available before-and-after imagery.
On May 7th one of our satellite providers, DigitalGlobe, jumped into action and gathered imagery of the region for search-and-rescue teams. Today we are making this before-and-after imagery available as a Google Earth overlay. We think you'll agree that the imagery is quite powerful, and we hope it is a valuable resource for rescue teams, residents, and all of those touched by this natural disaster.
It's pretty clear in the images how tremendous the damage was.

Damage from Greenburg Kansas EF5 tornado

Larger satellite images can be found here.

Photos: Google

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