Plant News

Newly Discovered Mushrooms Resemble Little People (April 15, 2015): These newly resembled mushrooms resemble little people. They were discovered in Norfolk.

FDA Approves Genetically Modified Innate Potato for Consumption (March 26, 2015): The FDA has approved a genetically modified Innate potato that browns slower and produces less acrylamide when heated.

Two New Blue-Flowered Plant Species Discovered in South Africa (March 21, 2015): Two new blue-flowered plant species have been discovered in South Africa by citizen scientists.

Robotic Platform Enables Indoor Plants to Search for Light (February 17, 2015): A robotic platform called Soybots enables indoor plants to search for light.

Sauropod Dinosaurs Likely Consumed Psychotropic Fungus (February 16, 2015): Sauropod dinosaurs likely consumed a psychotropic fungus. An amber fossil indicates the fungus was on the grass some dinosaurs would have eaten.

U.S. Approves Apples Genetically Modified to Brown More Slowly (February 15, 2015): The U.S. government has approved a new GMO apple that has been genetically modified to brown more slowly.

New Species of Wild Flower Named After Sir David Attenborough (February 7, 2015): A new species of wild flower has been named after

Newly Discovered Australian Plant Smells Like Rotting Fish (January 30, 2015): Newly discovered plant in Australia has orange flowers that smell like rotting fish.

Study Finds Pitcher Plants Switch Off Traps to Capture More Ants (January 24, 2015): A study has found that pitcher plants can temporarily swtich off their traps to capture more ants.

Three New Begonia Plant Species Discovered in Brazil (January 17, 2015): Three new begonia plant species have been discovered in Brazil. They are thought to be native to Brazil.

New Species of Hedge-Nettle Discovered in South Carolina (December 9, 2014): A new species of hedge-nettle or woundwort has been discovered in South Carolina.

New Species of Mushroom Discovered on UC Berkeley Campus (December 7, 2014): Researchers have discovered a new species of mushroom on the UC Berkeley campus.

Fossil of Ancient Carnivorous Flypaper Trap Plant Discovered in Amber (December 5, 2014): The fossil leaves of a carnivous flypaper trap plant was discovered in Amber.

Scientists Seek Cure for Witches' Broom Disease Which Kills Chocolate Trees (November 3, 2014): The devastating witches' broom disease continues to kill chocoalte trees. Scientists are seeking a cure.

More Wolf Spiders Are Eating American Toads (October 1, 2014): Researchers from the University of Georgia have found that more wolf spiders are eating American toads because of invasive grass.