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  • New Species of Hedge-Nettle Discovered in South Carolina (December 9, 2014): A new species of hedge-nettle or woundwort has been discovered in South Carolina.

  • New Species of Mushroom Discovered on UC Berkeley Campus (December 7, 2014): Researchers have discovered a new species of mushroom on the UC Berkeley campus.

  • Fossil of Ancient Carnivorous Flypaper Trap Plant Discovered in Amber (December 5, 2014): The fossil leaves of a carnivous flypaper trap plant was discovered in Amber.

  • Scientists Seek Cure for Witches' Broom Disease Which Kills Chocolate Trees (November 3, 2014): The devastating witches' broom disease continues to kill chocoalte trees. Scientists are seeking a cure.

  • More Wolf Spiders Are Eating American Toads (October 1, 2014): Researchers from the University of Georgia have found that more wolf spiders are eating American toads because of invasive grass.

  • New Species of Pathetic Looking Spiny Plant Found in Texas (July 9, 2014): Scientists have discovered a new species of plant in Valentine, Texas. It is described as pathetic, wilted and spiny.

  • Koalas Hug Trees to Cool Themselves Down in Hot Weather (June 5, 2014): Scientists say koala bears hug trees in order to reduce their body temperature. Some trees are considerably cooler than the air during hot weather.

  • New Species of Moonseed Plant Discovered in Bolivia and Paraguay (June 5, 2014): A new species of moonseed plant has been discovered in the dry forests and sand dunes in Bolivia and Paraguay.

  • New Species of Nickel Eating Plant Discovered in the Philippines (May 9, 2014): A new species of metal-eating plant has been discovered in the Philippines. The plant absorbs nickel in very high amounts.

  • Insect Killing Parasite Evolved From Pond Scum (May 8, 2014): An insect killing parasite evolved from algae say scientists. The researchers say it as if photosynthesis was surgically removed from its genome.

  • NASA to Grow Lettuce in Space on Veggie Flight Pillows (May 4, 2014): NASA plans to grow romaine lettuce in space using Veggie flight pillows.

  • Boquila Vine Can Mimic Leaves of Different Trees (April 29, 2014): The Boquila vine, which grows in rainforests in Chile, can mimic the leaves of the trees it climbs.

  • New Orchid Species Found in Central Panama (April 26, 2014): A new orchid species, Lophiaris silverarum, has been discovered in central Panama.

  • Bacteria Turns Plants Into Zombies (April 14, 2014): Scientists have discovered how a bacteria turns plants into zombies. The bacteria is spread from plant to plant by leafhoppers.

  • Cell Nuclei and Chromosomes Preserved in 180 Million Year Old Fern Fossil (March 29, 2014): Cell nuclei and chromosomes preserved in 180 million year old fern fossil. Ancient fern was buried suddenly during ancient volcanic eruption.

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