Malaysian Health Ministry Says Coronavirus is Not Turning People Into Zombies

Posted on February 2, 2020

Malaysia's health ministry took to Twitter to dismiss a rumor that the Wuhan novel coronavirus can turn victims into zombies.

Hopefully, this was not a rumor that many people were likely taken seriously. There may have been some confusion with walking pneumonia (atypical pneumonia), which can by a symptom of the virus. In most cases, patients with severe pneumonia from the virus are more likely to be in bed and extremely lethargic.

Here's the zombie-related health tweet from Malaysia:

The South China Morning Post translated the tweet to read, "The claim that individuals infected with this virus will behave like zombies is not true ... Patients can recover."

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You can find more information about the coronavirus and a growing list of helpful resources on our coronavirus resources page.

Image: IVDC, China CDC via GISAID

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