British Ministry of Defence to Release UFO Files

Posted on December 26, 2007

The British Ministry of Defense plans to release all of its UFO files thanks to the efforts of some UFO researchers.
"The subject of UFOs is one of the most popular subjects for FOI requests. Answering requests takes a considerable amount of time and resources and can involve officials in days of work, which frequently means trawling through old files to find the information requested. By placing the UFO files on-line at the National Archive in a structured manner, the MoD is able to follow its remit for more open government and, by re-directing applicants to the National Archive site, reduce the amount of time it spends answering requests. By opening our files in this way, we may also help to counter the maze of rumour and frequently ill informed speculation that surrounds the role of the MoD in the UFO phenomena."

Within the next three years, everyone will be able to see the true level of interest and effectiveness demonstrated by the MoD on the topic of UFOs for themselves. This release will be a source of disappointment or vindication for some, and embarrassment for others. Conspiracy theorists who believe that the various governments of the world are hiding secrets about the 'reality' of alien visitation will see this move as another whitewash effort by the MoD and will probably continue their self-sustaining 'campaign for the truth', when the 'truth' really will be 'out there' - just that they don't believe it!
The files will be released over a three year period expected to begin in 2008.

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