Dinosaurs Roam the Los Angeles Natural History Museum

Posted on August 11, 2008

You can interact with some realistic looking dinosaurs at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. The L.A. Times reports on these sometimes free-roaming actor-puppeteer dinos.
Without any ballyhoo, the museum launched a new attraction in June called Dinosaur Encounters, in which actor-puppeteers don lifelike T. rex or triceratops suits and spend 20 minutes demonstrating how scientists believe baby dinos behaved. Usually they work with interpreter-handlers, but sometimes they just roam free and meet their public. Which is how a museum-goer's video of a grunting, bemused, 7-foot-tall and 14-foot-long T. rex inspecting babes-in-arms and other humans at close range came to be posted on MySpacetv on Thursday. "Real Live Dinosaur" shot to No. 1 on MySpace's daily video chart, attracting more than 215,000 viewers by early evening -- far outstripping "Cindy and Heidi Bare It All." That clip from TMZ featured stills of Crawford and Klum yachting au naturel, their modesty preserved by strategically placed black bars.

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