Earthquake News

Chance of Damaging Earthquake in Central Oklahoma Increasing Says USGS (May 6, 2014): USGS says the chance of a damaging earthquake, of magnitude 5.5 or greater, has significantly increased.

Yellowstone Dispels Myth That Bison Are Fleeing Park Due to Imminent Volcanic Eruption (April 3, 2014): Al Nash, Chief of Public Affairs at Yellowstone, dispels myths about reports that animals are exiting the park because of an imminent volcanic eruption.

Seismologists Say New Madrid Seismic Zone is Still Active (January 25, 2014): Seismologists say the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the Central U.S. is still active. The region produced 4 large earthquakes with magnitudes over 7 in 1811-1812.

NASA Satellite Images Show Pakistan's New Island Formed During Mud Volcano (September 27, 2013): NASA images reveal Pakistan's new island. The island was born from a mud volcano following a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in northwestern Pakistan.

Japanese Firms Develop Giant Steel Pendulums to Keep Skyscrapers From Swaying During Earthquakes (August 1, 2013): Japanese Firms have developed giant steel pendulums to keep skyscrapers from swaying during earthquakes.

Red Wood Ants Observed Altering Behavior Before Earthquakes (April 13, 2013):

Proposed Shake Alert System Could Give Californians Up to 60 Seconds Warning of Earthquake (January 30, 2013):

Six Italian Scientists Found Guilty of Manslaughter and Sentenced to Jail for Failing to Predict Earthquake (October 22, 2012):

7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Near Sulangan, Philippines Triggers Tsunami Watches and Warnings (August 31, 2012):

Japanese Researchers Create Shopping Bag That Doubles as Emergency Helmet (April 21, 2012):

Engineers Build 5-Story Building on Seismic Shake Tablet to Test Earthquake Readiness (April 13, 2012):

8.6 Magnitude Earthquake Reported off Indonesia's Northern Aceh Province (April 11, 2012):

USGS: Clintonville's Mysterious Booms Caused by 1.5 Magnitude Microquake (March 23, 2012):

Japanese Scientists Give 70% Chance of Major Tokyo Earthquake in Next Four Years (February 12, 2012):

Fishing Buoys Carried Away By Japan Tsunami Wash Ashore on U.S. West Coast (December 28, 2011):

Two or Three More Magnitude 9 Earthquakes Possible in Next Six Years Warns NOAA Geophysicist (December 15, 2011):

Underwater Volcano Erupts Near Canary Islands (November 11, 2011):

University of Nevada, Reno's Earthquake Lab Simulates Trucks on a Bridge During an Earthquake (September 23, 2011):

Scientists in California Developing Earthquake Warning System (September 20, 2011):

Seismologist Compares East Coast Earthquake Strike to Ringing a Bell (August 24, 2011):

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Northern Virginia (August 23, 2011):

March 11 Japan Tsunami Broke Icebergs Off Antarctica (August 8, 2011):

Underwater Microphone Captures Japan's 9.0-Mag Earthquake (April 16, 2011):

Video Shows Cracks Opening in Ground and Releasing Water During Japan Earthquake (March 12, 2011):

Chinese Villagers Fear Earthquake is Imminent Following Appearance of Giant Sinkholes (June 22, 2010):

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