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NASA Releases Free Earth Ebook (February 28, 2019): NASA has released a free ebook called Earth that contains 69 stunning images from Earth-observing satellites.

High School Student Discovered Baby Dinosaur Fossil (October 27, 2013): A high school student discovered the fossil of a baby Parasaurolophus. The find is the most complete fossil yet found of the dinosaur.

School in England Closes Due to False Widow Spider Infestation (October 24, 2013): A school in England has closed due to a false widow spider infestation. The spiders are venomous, but have never killed anyone in the U.K.

U.S. Congressman and Member of Committee on Science, Space and Technology Believes Earth is Only 9,000 Years Old (October 12, 2012): The Scientific American reports that U.

Study Finds Sacrificing Sleep to Study Can Lead to Academic Problems (August 22, 2012): A new study has found that sacrificing sleep to study more can lead to academic problems.

IBM Releases Free Minds of Modern Mathematics iPad App (April 21, 2012): IBM has released the Minds of Modern Mathematics iPad app to celebrate the history of math and its impact on the world.

High School Students Send Rubber Chicken Into Space (April 21, 2012): High school students in Bishop, California sent a rubber chicken, named Camilla Corona, into space during last month's intense radiation storm.

Get a Human Skull, Describe Woodpecker's Tongue On Leonardo da Vinci's To Do List (April 5, 2012): An exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's private papers and drawings on human anatomy is going on display at at The Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palce.

Researchers Develop Talking Kitchen That Can Teach You French and How to Cook (October 26, 2011): The French Digital Kitchen at Newcastle University is a kitchen that gives lessons in cooking and in French at the same time.

U.S. Postal Service Honors Four American Scientists With Forever Stamps (June 20, 2011): Four American scientists have been honored on Forever stamps issued by the U.

Mitsubishi Electric Installs Giant OLED Globe in Tokyo Museum (June 14, 2011): Mitsubishi Electric Corporation installed a six-meter OLED globe at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan.

Sci Fi Channel Launches New Blog About Saving the World (August 6, 2008): The Sci Fi Channel has launched a new blog called How You Can Save the World.

College Students Face Soaring Birth Control Prices (May 25, 2007): An Associated Press article on MSNBC says prices for birth control pills are doubling and tripling on college campuses.

IAEA Launches New Radiation Symbol (February 17, 2007): There's a new radiation symbol in town and it shows a person running away from dangerous radioactive waves.

West Virginia Puts Dance Dance Revolution in Schools (January 26, 2006): The Associated Press reports that West Virgina has come up with an interesting method for combating obesity and improving fitness.

Many Kids Think Scientists are Not Normal (January 24, 2006): The BBC reports that a new study in London has found that many kids aged 11-15 don't consider scientists as "normal people.

Young Luke Uses Science to Solve Problems (October 4, 2005): Luke Shakespeare is only 11 but he has already won awards for math, science, photography and poetry.

Bush Wants Creationism Taught in Science Class (August 8, 2005): President Bush wants intelligent design taught in science classes alongside evolution.

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