Ghost Robotics Launches Small Quadruped Robot That Climbs Fences and Opens Doors

Posted on September 22, 2016

Ghost Minotaur robot

Ghost Robotics has announced its Ghost Minotaur robot. The small four legged robot can climb stairs, climb fences and open doors. The robot features high-torque brushless outrunner motors and specialized leg design.

Ghost Robotics says the Minotaur also has "high-speed and high-resolution encoders" that enable the robot to see the ground and adapt "faster than the blink of an eye." It has a running speed of 2.0m/s. Some of its movements include bounding, pronking, walking, and trotting.

Engadget reports that the robot could cost under $1,500 when it is released. The robot looks very agile as it bounds and hops its way over different types of terrain and obstacles. Take a look:

Image: Ghost Robotics/YouTube

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