Japanese Scientists Give 70% Chance of Major Tokyo Earthquake in Next Four Years

Posted on February 12, 2012

Scientists at the Earthquake Research Institute of Tokyo University are extremely concerned Tokyo will soon be hit by a massive earthquake. The researchers say the country's ground shifted after last year's massive earthquake and this makes a Tokyo earthquake much more likely. The Institute is giving Tokyo a 70% chance of receiving a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in the next four years. The Institute also gives Tokyo a 98% of a 7.0 earthquake within the next 30 years. Areas of Tokyo are far more prepared than most cities for a major earthquake. However, the magnitude 7.0 or higher earthquake could kill an estimated 10,000 or more primarily because of older buildings and homes that are not up to newer earthquake construction standards. Here is a report on the ominous earthquake prediction from CNN's Kyung Lah: