Massive Destruction in Jeremie, Haiti from Hurricane Matthew

Posted on October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Haiti satellite image

The city of Jeremie in Haiti has been destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. Matthew was a category four storm with 145 mile per hour winds when it impacted the city. Jeremie is the capital city of the Grand'Anse Department. It is located on the western side of Haiti which faced the right front quadrant of Matthew, which contained its most powerful winds, waves and storm surge. The city is home to around 31,000 people.

ABC News reports that the aerial footage showing the devastation was recorded by a helicopter pilot and provided by the Haitian Health Foundation. The pilot told ABC News that people survived but less than 1% of the homes remain standing. The population now faces new problems including starvation, disease and lack of shelter.

The pilot says, "The people are alive ... they survived. But soon, they may starve. They're cut-off."

Photo: NOAA

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