Orange UFOs Spotted Over Melbourne

Posted on May 15, 2005

Orange UFOs have been spotted over Melbourne. And police said Melbourne Airport reported nothing on the radar during the time many citizens of the Australian city reported the orange lights or objects. The Herald Sun has a report on the strange incident.
Another friend, Stuart Wilson, 24, managed to take video footage of the lights.

The shaky video shows a dozen pricks of light forming shapes such as diamonds, lines, characters and what looks like the Southern Cross.

The lights were visible for 10 minutes before flying in different directions and vanishing, Mr Wilson said.

"It's possible aliens are driving them, but until I see one I'm not going to be convinced," he said. "This is pretty close, but I didn't see any little green men."

But Mr Webster didn't need convincing.

"I was never into sci-fi but now I'm going to do my homework on UFOs," he said.