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Giant Communal Spider Web Found in Dallas, Texas (August 10, 2015): A giant communual spider web has been found in a suburb of Dallas Texas. It contains thousands of spiders.

People Walking to See Apostle Islands Ice Caves on Frozen Lake Superior (February 14, 2014): People are hiking across the frozen Lake Superior this winter to view the impressive ice caves on Apostle Island National Lakeshore.

Chan Robbins Talks Audubon's Christmas Bird Count (September 26, 2013): Chan Robbins, 94, talks about Audubon's Christmas Bird Count. He has participated in 412 Audubon Christmas Bird Counts since 1934.

Haleakala: House of the Sun (July 15, 2013): Photographer Dan Douglas captured gourgeous images of Haleakala, the world's largest dormant volcano.

Stoopid Tall: An Enormously Tall Bicycle (April 26, 2013):

Tahoe Blue Offers Beautiful Views of Lake Tahoe (April 21, 2013):

Wingsuit Jumper Flies Through Narrow Cave (April 20, 2013):

Speedboat Puts Out Fire (January 2, 2013):

Bear Grylls Launches Survival Academy (September 29, 2012):

Purely Pacific Northwest Video (September 15, 2012):

How to Identify Asian Carp (August 25, 2012):

Garrett McNamara Sets Record for Riding Biggest Wave (May 11, 2012):

Crude, Creepy Booby Traps Set on Hiker Trail in Utah (April 24, 2012):

Joe Biden Practices Archery in Mongolia (January 11, 2012):

Kayaker Encounters Blue Whale off Southern California (October 27, 2011):

Waves Knock Over Joggers and Bikers Along Chicago's Lake Shore Drive (October 3, 2011):

U.S. Postal Service Announces Cherry Blossom Centennial Stamps (August 7, 2011):

Fearless Local Observes Fumaca Waterfall (May 20, 2011):

James John Audubon Honored With Google Doodle (May 5, 2011):

Peter Lik Photographs Glacier National Park (April 17, 2011):

President Barack Obama Explores National Parks (August 22, 2010):

National Park Foundation and Olympus Launch 2010 Amateur Photo Contest (May 31, 2010):

Hunters Fail to Capture or Kill Pythons in Everglades (April 28, 2010):

Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom in D.C. (April 2, 2010):

Anderson Cooper Covers Outside Magazine (March 30, 2010):

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