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Build an Ecobirdfeeder (April 5, 2008): Michelle Kaufmann, a green blogger, is offering a free Earth Day Activity Kit.

SteriPen Cleans Water With Ultraviolet Light (March 21, 2008): A handheld new battery and ultraviolet lamp powered device called the SteriPen will sterilize a glass-sized amount of water for you.

The Marmot Never Summer Sleeping Bag (March 12, 2008): The 2008 Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag looks like it will always keep you snug and warm even on the coldest winter days.

20 Snowiest Ski Resorts (January 18, 2008): Forbes has compiled a list of the twenty snowiest ski resorts on Earth.

A Ski Resort for North Texas? (November 23, 2007): A company named Bearfire Resorts, LLC has ambitious plans to open a huge ski resort in North Texas near the Fort Worth area.

It's Fall Foliage Time (October 19, 2007): Those of you interested in traveling to see the leaves change for Fall can monitor the progress of Fall Foliage on the Weather Channel's Fall Foliage map.

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