RoBattle Unmanned Combat Vehicle Announced by Israel Aerospace Industries

Posted on August 3, 2016


Israel Aerospace industries (IAI) has announced RoBattle. The unmanned vehicle is described as a "heavy duty, highly maneuverable combat and support robotic system." It was unveiled at Eurosatory 2016 earlier this summer.

IAI says the large robotic vehicle can support different missions including intelligence, surveillance and armed reconnaissance; convoy protection, decoy, and ambush and attack. It can be operated autonomously and configured with payloads that include sensors, manipulator arms, radars and remotely controlled weapons.

Meir Shabtai, IAI's Deputy general manager of ground robotics systems, says in a statement, "The RoBattle will become a significant player in the ground robotics market. It presents advanced technologies and capabilities that can close the operational gaps in the future battlefield challenges. We are looking forward to all opportunities in the market."

Defense Update reports that the seven ton RoBattle can traverse different types of terrains. This video shows RoBattle climbing up rocky walls and traveling over concrete pipes. Take a look:

Photo: Israel Aerospace industries

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