Space Videos

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Webb Telescope Captures Pillars of Creation - October 21, 2022

The James Webb Space Telescope has been taking amazing views of space since its recent launch. The latest stunning video series is the Pillars of Creation. NASA also shared some of the images on Flickr.

X1 and M8.7 Solar Flares - October 3, 2022

The sun erupted with an M8.7 and X1-class solar flare on October 2, 2022. reports that the flare "produced a shortwave radio blackout over the Pacific Ocean and parts of North America."

DART Spacecraft Collides with Asteroid - September 26, 2022

This video from CNN shows the moment NASA's Dart spacecraft collided with the Dimorphos asteroid. It was a perfect hit. The spacecraft has been closing in on the asteroid since November 2021. Erin Burnett anchored the segment.