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  • NASA to Send Solar Probe Directly Into Sun's Atmosphere
    NASA has announced a mission that will send a solar probe directly into the atmosphere of the sun. It will launch in summer 2018. (May 31, 2017)

  • Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Captures Passing Comet
    The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) captured a comet traveling by the sun at 1.3 million miles per hour. (August 4, 2016)

    NASA's SDO Observes Another Very Long Filament on the Sun
    NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) has captured another very long filament on the sun. The filament is the length of 50 Earths side by side. (October 27, 2015)

    Google Launches Project Sunroof to Show Solar Energy Potential of Homes
    Google has launched Project Sunroof to show people the solar energy potential of their homes. (August 18, 2015)

    NASA's SDO Captures 100 Millionth Image of the Sun
    NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has shared the 100 millionth image it took of the sun. (January 23, 2015)

    NuStar Image Shows X-Rays Streaming Off the Sun
    NASA uses the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array to catpure data from the Sun for the first time. (December 27, 2014)

    NASA Finds Square Shaped Hole in the Sun
    NASA has found a square shaped hole in the Sun. The coronal hole was captured by the olar Dynamics Observatory (May 12, 2014)

    Astronomers Find the Sun's Solar Sibling
    Astronomers have found the Sun's solar sibling. HD 162826 is located 110 light-years away in the constellation Hercules. (May 11, 2014)

    MIT Researchers Say Floating Nuclear Plants Could Ride Out Tsunamis
    MIT researchers present a design for a floating nuclear plant which they say could ride out tsunamis. (April 18, 2014)

    NASA Releases Video of M-Class Solar Flare
    NASA has released images and video of a M6.5 solar flare which erupted from the sun on April 2, 2014. (April 6, 2014)

    Astronomers Find Largest Yellow Hypergiant Star
    Astronomers using ESO's Very Large Telescope have found the largest yellow star. It has 1300 times the diameter of the Sun. (March 12, 2014)

    NASA's IRIS Witnesses Largest Solar Flare Since It Launched Last Summer
    NASA's IRIS has witnessed its largest solar flare since it was launched in Summer 2013. (February 22, 2014)

    Study Finds Exposure to Sunlight May Help Reduce Blood Pressure
    A new study has found that exposing skin to sunlight may help reduce blood pressure. (January 22, 2014)

    NASA Releases Video of Sun's Canyon of Fire
    NASA has released a video of the Sun's Canyon of Fire. (October 25, 2013)

    Astronomers Identify Oldest Solar Twin
    Astronomers have identified the oldest solar twin using ESO's Very Large Telescope. (August 28, 2013)

    Sun's Magnetic Field Will Soon Flip Say Solar Physicists
    The Sun's magnetic field will flip in the coming months according to solar physicists. The flip could occur in the next 3 to 4 months. (August 7, 2013)

    Sun Sparkles Phenomenon Captured With NASA's High Resolution Coronal Imager
    A phenomenon called sun sparkles has been captured using NASA's High Resolution Coronal Imager. (July 2, 2013)

    NASA Launches IRIS Solar Observatory
    NASA launches its IRIS Solar Observatory on Thursday. The satellite was launched using an airplane and a Pegasus rocket. (June 29, 2013)

    Sun Moth: New Moth Species Discovered in China
    A new moth species has been discovered in China. The name is inspired by the patch on its wings that resembles the rising sun. (June 20, 2013)

    NASA Video: Three Years of the Sun in Three Minutes
    NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has maintained nearly unbroken coverage of the sun over the past three years. (April 22, 2013)

    Australian Carnivorous Sundew Plant Captures Fruit Flies With Its Touch Sensitive Catapult Tentacles
    Drosera glanduligera, a small carnivorous sundew plant from southern Australia, uses its touch sensitive catapulting tentacles to capture small insects. (September 27, 2012)

    NASA Video: Van Gogh Sun
    Data of the Sun from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) can resemble impressionist style paintings. (July 21, 2012)

    5 Feet Tall Maya Stucco Masks Discovered in Walls of Ancient Pyramid
    A team of archaeologists, led by Brown University's Stephen Houston, has uncovered a pyramid, which is part of the Maya archaeological site at El Zotz, Guatemala. (July 20, 2012)

    Man Takes Augmented Reality Girlfriend for a Walk in the Park
    A video uploaded to YouTube shows a man's date with his augmented reality girlfriend. (July 15, 2012)