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Transportation is expected to continue to get faster (and hopefully safe) in the future. We may also hand off the controls to robots in many situations. Here is the latest transport coverage from Science, Space & Robots:

  • Ford Envisions Headless Robots Delivering Packages
    Ford sees headless robots delivering packages in the near future. The robot was built by Agility Robotics. (May 23, 2019)

  • SpaceX Wants to Take You Anywhere On Earth in Under One Hour
    SpaceX wants to use rockets to take people anywhere on Earth in less than one hour. (September 29, 2017)

  • The Boring Company Releases Video of Underground Transportation System
    The Boring Company has released a video showing its futuristic vision for an underground highway system. (May 4, 2017)

    China Unveils Elevated Bus That Passes Over Cars on the Highway
    China unveiled an elevated bus that passes over other vehicles on the highway. It can carry as many as 1,200 people. (May 24, 2016)

    Researchers Invent a Sonic Tractor Beam
    Researchers from the University of Sussex have invented what they are calling a sonic tractor beam that uses holographic acoustic elements to levitate objects. (October 27, 2015)

    Fish on Wheels System Lets Goldfish Drive Fish Tank
    The Fish of Wheels system lets goldfish drive its fish tank around. The tank moves in the same direction the goldfish is swimming. (February 10, 2014)

    Researchers Developing Robotic Boats That Join Together to Form Bridge or Landing Strips
    The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that University of Pennsylvania researchers have developed small robotic boats that can join together to form a large flat structure. (February 11, 2013)

    Autonomous Road Trains Make First Debut on Public Highway
    The SARTRE project - which stands for Safe Road Trains for the Environment - aims to encourage the development and use of technology for road trains of self-driven cars called platoons. (May 30, 2012)

    ET3 Consortium Says Evacuated Tube Transport Could Get People From New York to Beijing in Two Hours
    The ET3 consortium is pushing for the development of Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) technology. (April 26, 2012)

    Terrafugia's Flying Car Debuts at the New York International Auto Show
    There are two flying cars at this year's New York International Auto Show. (April 6, 2012)

    Simulation: A Robotic Car Intersection of the Future
    Here is a simulation of a intersection that is perhaps not too far off in our future full of robot driven vehicles. (March 22, 2012)

    Shweeb: Human Powered Monorail
    Shweeb is a human powered monorail that is currently being used for competition at the Shweeb campus in New Zealand. (July 25, 2009)

    Virgin Galactic Unveils New Ship Designs
    Virgin Galactic has released designs for its SpaceShipTwo and its carrier airplane, WhiteKnightTwo. (January 23, 2008)