Three Major Hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean

Posted on August 30, 2015

Satellite image showing three major hurricanes in the Pacific

The National Hurricane Center shared this amazing image of three major hurricanes in a row in the Pacific ocean. The three hurricanes are Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena. That's Hawaii in the middle of Kilo and Ignacio. A tropical watch is out for Hawaii because of Hurricane Ignacio. It is forecast to go north of the islands.

The National Hurricane Center says in a tweet that this is the first time in history there have been three major hurricanes simultaneously east of the International Date Line (IDL). The Weather Channel says they were all at Category 4 level as of Sunday morning.

Here is another look at the hurricanes from a NASA image:

Three Category 4 hurricanes in the Pacific

The Weather Channel reports that there were six cyclone sin the Pacific earlier this year on July 12, 2015. They were not all hurricanes and one was just a tropical depression.

Photos: NHC/NASA

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