UK's Met Office to Let Public Name Storms

Posted on September 9, 2015

The Met Office and Met Eireann are going to let the public name storms in the UK and Ireland. The naming will start with storms through the autumn and winter of 2015/2016.

Derrick Ryall, Head of the Public Weather Service at the Met Office, says in the announcement, "The aim of this pilot is to provide a single authoritative naming system for the storms that affect UK and Ireland. We have seen how naming storms elsewhere in the world raises awareness of severe weather before it strikes. We hope that naming storms in line with the official severe weather warnings here will do the same and ensure everyone can keep themselves, their property and businesses safe and protected at times of severe weather."

The public can suggest names by tweeting @metoffice with the hashtag #nameourstorms. The public can also use the Met Office Facebook page or send in an email. You can find the complete details here.

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