Videos Show Devastation in St. Martin from Hurricane Irma

Posted on September 8, 2017

Irma over St. Martin

These videos contain raw footage of the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Irma in St. Martin. Irma was a category five hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph when it passed over the island in the northeast Caribbean. The island measures 34 square miles (87 square kilometers).

The damage shown in the first video is from Philipsburg, a city located on the southern Dutch side of the island. The footage is from the Dutch Ministry of Defence. The Princess Juliana airport is also located on the Dutch side of the island. It was destroyed during the powerful hurricane. A New York Times story says the four building described as "most durable" were destroyed in the storm.

The Philipsburg footage shows damaged hotels, numerous damaged homes and downed trees. There is debris everywhere. Some of the residents have started attempts to clean up debris after the storm. The second video shows more damage to the island, including damage to the Princess Juliana Airport. Take a look:

Image: NOAA

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