Zoo Videos

Here is our collection of interesting zoo videos. For more on animals visit the Animals section.

Elephants Squish Giant Pumpkins at Oregon Zoo - October 21, 2022

Elephants at the Oregon Zoo were given appropriately huge pumpkins for Halloween. They love stomping on them and eating them. The event is called the Squishing of The Squash 2022.

Grey-Crowned Crane Chick Born at Denver Zoo - September 30, 2022

This little chick is a Grey-crowned Crane, which is an endangered species according to the IUCN. The little chick doesn't wait long before exploring its habitat at the Denver Zoo. The chick's parents keep a close eye on it.

Baby Southern White Rhino Named Neville - September 22, 2022

This little male southern white rhino is only six weeks old. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has named him Neville. Watch him run as fast as he can and roll in the mud.