Mysterious Translucent Jelly Invades Scotland

Posted on October 22, 2011

Some mysterious translucent jelly - see here and here - has been discovered in the Lake District in Scotland England. This is not the first time the substance - sometimes referred to as "star jelly" - has been found. Here are some videos of people discovering translucent jelly over the past couple years:

The BBC investigated the star jelly mystery in 2009. The jelly was sent to a lab. Scientists found that it was at least 99% water, but they were unable to ascertain its origin.

One theory, described here, is from Dr Hans Sluiman, an algae expert at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Dr. Sluiman says, "It is possible that it is down to toxic frogs that have been eaten by other animals and then spat out, but nobody knows for sure."

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