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Permeable Concrete Could Help Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect (August 1, 2019): A research-team led by Rutgers researchers found that increased use of this type of pavement could help reduce the urban heat island effect.

Ford Envisions Headless Robots Delivering Packages (May 23, 2019): Ford sees headless robots delivering packages in the near future. The robot was built by Agility Robotics.

MobiLimb: Robotic Finger for Smartphones and Tablets (October 11, 2018): This robotic finger can be added to a smartphone to give it a limb. It is called MobiLimb.

Google's DeepMind AI Learns How to Walk (July 14, 2017): Google's DeepMind AI has been learning how to walk. It guides figures - including a human-like figure - through simulated plains and obstacle courses.

Scientists Plan to Destroy Weeds With Laser Equipped Robots (June 19, 2017): German scientists are developing lasers that will help kill weeds. The lasers will be carried by robots.

MIT Researchers Develop Technology to Measure Walking Speed Using Wireless Signals (May 4, 2017): MIT researchers develop technology to measure a person's walking speed wirelessly.

Scientists Use CRISPR to Create Red-Eyed Mutant Wasps (April 25, 2017): Scientists created mutant wasps with red eyes using CRISPR gene-slicing technology.

U.S. Navy Tests New Submarine Steam Suits (April 18, 2017): The U.S. Navy has been testing new steam suits. The suits protect sailors from steam-leaks on nuclear-powered submarines.

AI System Creates Christmas Song From Image of a Christmas Tree (December 1, 2016): Researchers from the University of Toronto built an AI system that can create a song after analyzing an image.

Zebrafish Embryo Selfie Wins 2016 Nikon Small World Competition (October 19, 2016): This microscopic image of a zebrafish embryo won the 2016 Nikon Small World Competition. It was taken by Dr. Oscar Ruiz.

MIT Engineers Developing Beaver-Inspired Wetsuits (October 12, 2016): MIT researchers are developing wetsuits inspired by beavers. They have developed fur-like rubbery pelts.

World's Longest Aircraft Slowly Crashes During Second Test Flight (August 24, 2016): The World's Longest Aircraft slowly crashed during its second test flight. It sustained damage to the cockpit.

Researchers Store Data Using Individual Chlorine Atoms (July 19, 2016): Researchers have developed technology to store data on

Scientists Build Crawling Biohybrid Robot That is Part Sea Slug (July 18, 2016): Scientists have built a crwaling robot that is part sea slug and part 3-D printer polymer body parts.

Google Identifies Five Potential Robot Safety Problems (June 22, 2016): Google researchers have identified five potential problems in developing robots. Robots may behave in undesirable ways if they are not well thought out.

MIT Researchers Develop Algorithm to Predict Whether Two People Will Shake Hands (June 21, 2016): MIT researchers have developed an algorithm to predict whether people will hug, kiss, shake hands or high five.

Navy Engineers Unveil Futuristic Diving Helmets (June 9, 2016): Navy engineers have developed new diving helmets with a see-through head-up display.

China Unveils Elevated Bus That Passes Over Cars on the Highway (May 24, 2016): China unveiled an elevated bus that passes over other vehicles on the highway. It can carry as many as 1,200 people.

Scientists Develop Transparent Wood by Removing Lignin (May 23, 2016): Scientists have developed a transparent wood by removing the molecule lignin.

Scientists Say They Have Discovered a New Form of Light (May 18, 2016): Researchers say they have discovered a new form of light. They say the discovery could improve security in optical communications.

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