Tech News

Envision Binoculars Contain Smart Overlay (2024-06-30): These news binoculars from Unistellar contain a smart AR overlay to identify objects you see through the binoculars.

Apple Bails Out of Electric Car Plans (2024-02-29): Apple will not be making an electric car. Instead it will focus more on its AI project.

OpenAI Unveils Sora Text-to-Video Model (2024-02-19): OpenAI has unveiled Sora, a new text-to-video generative AI model. The model is capable of generating stunning visual imagery with suprising realism and clarity.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy SmartTag2 (2023-10-06): Samsung has launched the second version of its SmartTag. It is called the Galaxy SmartTag2 and it has a 120 meter range with Bluetooth Low Energy.

FEMA Conductiing Nationwide Emergency Alert Test Today, October 4th (2023-10-04): FEMA is conducting a Nationwide Emergency Alert Test today, October 4th, at 2:20 pm ET. The test will include testing WEA capabilities to all mobile phones.

Honda Unveils Honda Motocompacto e-Scooter (2023-09-19): Honda has unveiled its new Honda Motocompacto e-Scooter. It has a range of 12 miles and features an extreme folding design.

Video: When Hair Cracks Steel (2020-08-13): Hair can crack steel if it hits a microscopic chip in a razor blade at the right angle.

Video: When Hair Cracks Steel (2020-08-13): Hair can crack steel if it hits a microscopic chip in a razor blade at the right angle.

Tiny Camera is Mounted on Backs of Beetles (2020-07-28): Researchers have created a tiny wireless camera that is mounted on the backs of beetles.

Samsung Introduces Ballie Robot at CES 2020 (2020-01-06): Samsung introduced its new robot called Ballie at CES 2020. The rolling robot is described as a personal care robot.

Permeable Concrete Could Help Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect (2019-08-01): A research-team led by Rutgers researchers found that increased use of this type of pavement could help reduce the urban heat island effect.

Ford Envisions Headless Robots Delivering Packages (2019-05-23): Ford sees headless robots delivering packages in the near future. The robot was built by Agility Robotics.

MobiLimb: Robotic Finger for Smartphones and Tablets (2018-10-11): This robotic finger can be added to a smartphone to give it a limb. It is called MobiLimb.

Google's DeepMind AI Learns How to Walk (2017-07-14): Google's DeepMind AI has been learning how to walk. It guides figures - including a human-like figure - through simulated plains and obstacle courses.

Scientists Plan to Destroy Weeds With Laser Equipped Robots (2017-06-19): German scientists are developing lasers that will help kill weeds. The lasers will be carried by robots.

MIT Researchers Develop Technology to Measure Walking Speed Using Wireless Signals (2017-05-04): MIT researchers develop technology to measure a person's walking speed wirelessly.

Scientists Use CRISPR to Create Red-Eyed Mutant Wasps (2017-04-25): Scientists created mutant wasps with red eyes using CRISPR gene-slicing technology.

U.S. Navy Tests New Submarine Steam Suits (2017-04-18): The U.S. Navy has been testing new steam suits. The suits protect sailors from steam-leaks on nuclear-powered submarines.

AI System Creates Christmas Song From Image of a Christmas Tree (2016-12-01): Researchers from the University of Toronto built an AI system that can create a song after analyzing an image.

Zebrafish Embryo Selfie Wins 2016 Nikon Small World Competition (2016-10-19): This microscopic image of a zebrafish embryo won the 2016 Nikon Small World Competition. It was taken by Dr. Oscar Ruiz.