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RoboBee Microrobot Can Now Dive, Swim and Burst Out of the Water (October 25, 2017): Harvard SEAS has upgraded its RoboBee. It can now dive into the water and swim around and then burst back out of the water.

Insect Inspired LAURON Robot Designed for Planetary Exploration (August 1, 2017): This insect inspired robot called Lauron was designed for planetary exploration. It was developed at FZI

Japanese Scientists Build a Dance Teacher Robot (June 21, 2017): Researchers at Tokohu University have created a dance instructor robot.

Scientists Plan to Destroy Weeds With Laser Equipped Robots (June 19, 2017): German scientists are developing lasers that will help kill weeds. The lasers will be carried by robots.

Scientists Make Robotic Backpacks for Dragonflies (June 8, 2017): Scientists have made robotic backpacks for dragonflies. These backpacks connect to the dragonfly's nervous system making it a steerable drone.

UC Berkeley Robot Demonstrates Precision Grasping (June 3, 2017): A new UC Berkeley robot is able to quickly grab and move irregularly shaped objects. It has a 99 percent success rate in picking up and moving unfamiliar objects.

Japanese Volleyball Association Unveils Volleyball Robot (April 16, 2017): The Japanese Volleyball Association has created a volleyball robot to help players improve their performance.

Flippy the Burger-Flipping Robot Begins Work at California Fast Food Chain (March 9, 2017): Flippy the burger-flipping robot is being used at CaliBurger, a fast-food chain based in California. The robot is from Miso Robitcs.

Boston Dynamics Unveils New Wheeled Robot Named Handle (February 28, 2017): Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new robot named Handle. The robot moves quickly on its two wheels. It can jump and lift heavy objects.

Ewaybot Unveils MoRo Robot at 2017 CES (January 6, 2017): Ewaybot unveiled its MorRo robot at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

UC Berkeley Roboticists Build SALTO, the Most Vertically Agile Robot (December 7, 2016): UC Berkeley roboticists have designed SALTO. The robot is billed as the world's most vertically agile robot ever built.

Zebrafish Want to Hang Out With 3-D Robotic Models of Themselves Say Scientists (October 25, 2016): Scientists have determined that zebrafish want to hang out with moving 3-D robotic models of themselves.

Kengoro Robot Does Push-ups and Sweats (October 18, 2016): Kengoro is a robot that can do pushups and sweat. The sweat helps cool the robot.

Ghost Robotics Launches Small Quadruped Robot That Climbs Fences and Opens Doors (September 22, 2016): Ghost Robotics has launched a small robot, Ghost Minotaur, that can climb fences, climb stairs and open doors.

Wall Climbing Robots Weave Hammock-like Structure (August 13, 2016): Wall climbing weaved a hammock like structure for the University of Stuttgart.

Getty Uses Underwater Robot to Photograph Olympic Swimmers (August 9, 2016): Getty is using an underwater robot to film Olympic swim competitions in Rio.

RoBattle Unmanned Combat Vehicle Announced by Israel Aerospace Industries (August 3, 2016): Israel Aerospace Industries has announced its unmanned combat robotic vehicle called RoBattle.

SwagBot is a Cow Herding Robot (July 19, 2016): SwagBot is a cow herding robot designed to herd and monitor cows. It is being developed by researchers at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics

Scientists Build Crawling Biohybrid Robot That is Part Sea Slug (July 18, 2016): Scientists have built a crwaling robot that is part sea slug and part 3-D printer polymer body parts.

Security Robot Knocks Over Child at Silicon Valley Mall (July 18, 2016): A 300-pound security robot knocked over a child at the Stanford Shopping Center last week.

New Walking Robot Named DURUS Wears Shoes (July 13, 2016): Georgia Tech researchers have built a robot that wears sneakers while it walks. It wears size 13 shoes.

Scientists Build Mudskipper Robot Called MuddyBot (July 11, 2016): Scientists have built a robot inspired by the mudskipper. It is called MuddyBot.

Robot Used to Kill Dallas Shooter Was the Remotec Andros Mark V-A1 (July 11, 2016): The robot that carried the bomb that killed the Dallas shooter was the the Remotec Andros Mark V-A1.

Researchers Build Salamander Robot With 3D-Printed Bones and Motorized Joints (July 5, 2016): Researchers have built a salamander robot that swims and walks like a salamander.

Boston Dynamics Unveils SpotMini Robot (June 24, 2016): Boston Dynamics unveils its SpotMini robot.

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