Robot News

Amazon Unveils Proteus, Its First Fully Automated Mobile Robot (June 22, 2022): Amazon has announced Proteus, a robot that is the company's first fully autonomous mobile robot. Amazon is billing it is a safety move.

EVA Robot Has Soft and Expressive Face (May 29, 2021): Researchers at the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia Engineering have developed EVA, an autonomous robot that matches expressions of nearby humans.

Boston Dynamics Unveils Box Moving Robot Named Stretch (April 3, 2021): Boston Dynamics has developed a robot named Stretch that has a singular purpose - moving boxes.

Robotic Arms Give Humans Massages (August 11, 2020): Robotic Arms have been developed by Capsix Robotics and the University of Plymouth to give humans massages.

Robot Jaws With Artificial Saliva Help Study Chewing Gum (July 14, 2020): Researchers at the University of Bristol develop robot jaws to study the chewing of gum.

SlothBot is a Robot Inspired by Sloths (July 9, 2020): SlothBot is a robot that was inspired by the sloth, a slow moving endangered species.

Wearable Robotic Third Arm Smashes Walls and Picks Vegetables (June 9, 2020): A wearable robotic third arm called the Supernumerary 3DOF Robotic Arm can be used to paint, smash walls, pick vegetables and more.

Hexapod Robots Walk Faster With Flexible Feet (June 1, 2020): Researchers have developed flexible robotic feet to help robots walk faster and easier over different terrains.

Spot Robot Herds Sheep and Monitors Crops (May 22, 2020): A company named Rocos is using Boston Dynamics' Spot robot for agriculture. Spot can be seen herding sheep in a video released by Rocos.

Self-Folding Soft Rollbot Created by Harvard Researchers (August 21, 2019): Researchers from Harvard created a self-folding soft robot called Robot using origami and 3D printing.

Robot Inspired by Cockroach is Hard to Squash (August 1, 2019): University of California, Berkeley have created a very thin robot that is hard to squash. It weighs less than one tenth of a gram.

Toyota's Basketball Robot Makes Over 2,000 Consecutive Free Throws (June 27, 2019): Toyota's basketball robot made over 2,000 free throws in a row setting a Guinness World Record.

HP Robocop is Ready for Duty (June 20, 2019): HP Robocop is a K5 robot from Knightscope. It is helping police protect Huntington Park, California.

Ford Envisions Headless Robots Delivering Packages (May 23, 2019): Ford sees headless robots delivering packages in the near future. The robot was built by Agility Robotics.

Atlas Robot Jumps Over Log and Bounds Up High Steps (October 17, 2018): Boston Dynamics is making it harder for humans to get away from its Atlas robot.

MobiLimb: Robotic Finger for Smartphones and Tablets (October 11, 2018): This robotic finger can be added to a smartphone to give it a limb. It is called MobiLimb.

Robotic Falcon Designed to Help Reduce Bird Strikes Near Airports (May 31, 2018): Researchers have developed a robotic falcon that was created to help reduce bird strikes near airports.

Samara Polytech Research Create the Glaideron (May 30, 2018): Researchers from Samara Polytech have created a semi-autonomous aeronautic marine device called the Glaideron

Scientists Build Scrabble Playing Robot (March 12, 2018): Scientists from ITRI Taiwan have built a Scrabble playing robot. It has an intelligent vision system.

Robot Dog Opens Door For Another Robot Dog (February 13, 2018): A robot dog can now open a door for another robot dog thanks to new technology developed by Boston Dynamics.