Titanokorys Gainesi: Fossil of Large Half-Billion Year Old Creature Discovered in Canada (September 8, 2021): Paleontologists from the Royal Ontario Museum uncovered the fossil of a large ancient creature that lived 500 million years ago in the Canadian Rockies.

Goats Solve Problems Better Than Sheep Say Scientists (March 20, 2021): Scientists have determined that goats are better problem than sheep.

Tiny Crustacean Snaps Giant Claw Shut 10,000 Times Faster Than Blink of a Human Eye (February 8, 2021): A tiny amphipod, Dulichiella cf. appendiculata, can snap its giant claw shut 10,000 times faster than the blink of a human eye.

Living Planet Report 2020 from WWF Reveals 68% in World's Wildlife Since 1970 (September 11, 2020): WWF has released its Living Planet Report 2020. It indicates a 68% plunge in the world's wildlife since 1970.

Goliath Birdeater Spiderlings Hatch at Wellington Zoo (September 6, 2020): A batch of Goliath Birdeater spiderlings hatched recently at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand.

Whale Sharks Tracked Using Groth Star-Mapping Algorithm (August 12, 2020): The Groth algorithm is a pattern-matching algorithm used by the Hubble Space Teelscope to map star fields. It is also being used to track whale sharks.

The Blood-Belly Comb Jelly (August 11, 2020): The Blood-Belly Comb Jelly has a dark red belly that helps mask the glow from any bioluminescent prey it might consume.

Cookiecutter Sharks Bite Round Plugs of Flesh From Larger Fish and Whales (August 11, 2020): This video from National Geographic highlights the cookiecutter shark (Isistius brasiliensis).

New Frogfishes Book Released (July 11, 2020): A new book about frogfishes, Frogfishes: Biodiversity, Zoogeography, and Behavioral Ecology, has been published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

African Grey Parrot Named Griffin Battles Humans in Shell Game Memory Game (July 10, 2020): Harvard researchers put an African grey parrot named Griffin up against children and adults in a version of the classic shell game.

SlothBot is a Robot Inspired by Sloths (July 9, 2020): SlothBot is a robot that was inspired by the sloth, a slow moving endangered species.

Mystery Over Mass Elephant Deaths in Botswana (July 9, 2020): There are hundreds of elephants dying in Bostwana and experts are not yet sure why.

Tiger at Bronx Zoo Tests Positive for Covid-19 Coronavirus (April 5, 2020): A 4-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York has tested positive for Covid-19 coronavirus.

Hordes of Hungry Monkeys Fight Over Food in Thailand (March 13, 2020): Monkeys in Thailand are used to obtaining food from tourists.

Gunakadeit Joseeae Thalattosaur Had an Extremely Pointed Snout (February 5, 2020): The Gunakadeit Joseeae was a thalattosaur with an extremely pointed snout. A nearly complete fossil of the ancient marine reptile was found in southeast Alaska.

Fish Parasite Named After Xena, the Warrior Princess (December 30, 2019): A new species of fish parasite has been named after Xena, the Warrior Princess. The South African parasite is known to parasitise the intertidal Super klipfish.

Mosasaurs May Have Used Breast Stroke to Ambush Prey (September 23, 2019): Researchers have determined that mosasaurs may have been able to do the breast stroke for an extra burst of speed.

Antler Photograph Suggests Schomburgk's Deer Lived 50 Years Past Extinction Date (September 6, 2019): A photograph of fresh antlers from 1991 suggests the Shomburgk's deer lived 50 years past its extinction date of 1932.

Two New Species of Tweezer-Beaked Hopping Rats Discovered (August 20, 2019): Scientists have discovered two new species of tweezer-beaked hopping rats in the Philippines. They prefer to eat earthworms.

Bats Use Leaves Like Mirrors to Find Prey in the Dark (August 18, 2019): Scientists have discovered that leaf-nosed bats can find insects resting silently on leaves by using the leaves like mirror through echolocation.