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  • The Latest on the Uganda Ebola Outbreak
  • Here you will find the latest updates on the Ebola outbreak in Uganda.

  • Large Hail Smashes Car Windows in Alberta, Canada
  • Alberta, Canada was hit by a major thunderstorm on Monday. Destructive hail the size of softballs smashed into cars on Queen Elizabeth II Highway. Many car windows were destroyed by the hail.

  • Monkeypox Outbreak 2022: Live Blog
  • Here you will find our latest coverage of the global monkeypox outbreak.

  • Amazon Unveils Proteus, Its First Fully Automated Mobile Robot
  • Amazon has announced the launch of its new Proteus warehouse robot. Amazon says the bot is its first fully autonomous mobile robot.

  • Titanokorys Gainesi: Fossil of Large Half-Billion Year Old Creature Discovered in Canada
  • Paleontologists from the Royal Ontario Museum have discovered the fossil of a large ancient creature in 500 million year old Cambrian rocks from Kootenay National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The newly identified species, Titanokorys gainesi, had an estimate length of about half a meter (1.6 feet).

  • Bat Flies Likely Use Bacteria to Find Bats to Bite
  • A new study has found that the bat fly likely uses bacteria to help it locate bats to feed on. The scent of chemicals produced on the bats' skin are the target of the blood-sucking flies. The image above shows a natal long-fingered bat parasitized by a male bat fly.

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