Three Fetid Fungi Species Discovered in New Zealand

Posted on June 27, 2013

Gymnopus imbricatus

Three new fetid fungus species, Gymnopus imbricatus (top photo), G. ceraceicola (2nd photo) and G. hakaroa (third photo), have been discovered New Zealand. The fungi produce a smell that has been compared to rotting cabbage and garlic. The odor is strongest when the fungi is crushed. The new species belong to the genus Gymnopus, part of the Omphalotaceae family, which includes the Shiitake mushroom.

Gymnopus ceraceicola

Scientists say the species grow in colonies of just a few up to an impressive display of hundreds of fruitbodies on dead tree trunks. They also grow on the lower trunk parts of living trees. Another characteristic of the fungi is the presence of a waxy layer, which is usually green colored due to the algae living in the substance.

The research is published here in the journal, MycoKeys.

Gymnopus hakaroa

Photos: Jerry Cooper