Amateur Storm Chasers Recorded Amazing Footage of Monster Tuscaloosa Tornado

Posted on April 30, 2011

Nate Hughett, 22, and Ryne Chandler, 25, chased the monster mile-wide tornado Wednesday, April 27, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. ABC News reports that early estimates show the tornado was at least an EF-4, but meteorologists say this tornado was likely an EF-5.

Hughett and Chandler captured amazing footage of the tornado, but they weren't always sure of their safety when shooting the video. At one point in the video Hughett says, "We don't know if this thing can change directions. We're not experts."

They ended up assisting tornado survivors at the end of their chase. Chandler told, "It put us in a place to be able to help people. It was a poor decision with a great outcome."

Take a look:

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