Science Memes

Internet memes are usually photographs with bold white lettering on them that make a joke or humorous point. You have likely encountered many of them through your use of social media. If you like science or have a science background then science-focused memes are likely to make you smile.

There are many popular science memes. Some repeat commonly used science jokes and humor. Some feature images of famous scientists, such as Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla, and living science experts, like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. Some science memes reference a topic or make a pun that only a science geek would understand or find funny.

Science Meme Resources:

Here are a few great places to find science memes:
Science Gifs

People also like to share nerdy science animated Gifs. These include space animations, explosions, experiments, cartoon characters performing experiments, clips from The Big Bang Theory and more. You can many on gfycat and giphy.

Here's a fun Bill Nye Gif:

Here's a funny Gif of a student performing a foamy experiment:

Cats and Science Memes

As with many other types of Internet memes there are many science memes that make use of cat images. Cats in a box can make for great Schrödinger's cat references. Another science cat meme is Chemistry Cat, which uses a photograph of a cat surrounded by beakers and a chalkboard with cheese and mice formulas.

There is also a "cats are liquids" meme that has cats taking the shape of the container they have decided to sit in. You can find a collection of these on Bored Panda.

Make a Science Meme

You can make your own memes with tools like the Imgflip Meme Generator. It basically lets you write text on an image. You can then share the image on social media and blogs. You can also draw or add a scumbag hat.

Find More Memes

Here are some resources that list more science memes: