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CNN Video Shows Devastation Over Mexico Beach (October 11, 2018): CNN's Brooke Baldwin toured Mexico Beach in a helicopter to get a first look at the massive devastation caused by Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Florida.

Fishnado? Rain in Tampico, Mexico Included Small Fish (September 28, 2017): Small fish were included in a light rain in northeast Mexico. The rain fell in Tampico, which is located on the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Cat Five Hurricane Maria to Pound Puerto Rico With Winds, Surge, Heavy Rain, Mudslides and Tornadoes (September 19, 2017): Category Five Hurricane Maria is expected to deliver powerful winds, surge, heavy rain, mudslides and tornadoes when it crosses Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

Storm Surge Emergency Issued for Marco Island and Naples Florida from Hurricane Irma (September 10, 2017): Hurricane Irma is threatening Marco Island and Naples Florida with 10 to 15 feet of storm surge.

Video Shows Dried Up Beach in Bahamas from Hurricane Irma (September 9, 2017): These video show dried up beaches in some locations in the Bahamas from Hurricane Irma.

Tornado Threat from Hurricane Irma for Southeastern Florida (September 9, 2017): There is an increasing tornado threat today from Hurricane Irma for Southeastern Florida.

U.S. Rainfall Potential From Hurricane Irma (September 8, 2017): Hurricane Irma is expecting to drop at least ten of rain across much of southern Florida and 6 or more inches in others parts of the state.

Miami Local Statement for Cat 5 Hurricane Irma Gives Dire Warnings (September 7, 2017): The local statement from the National Weather Service out of Miami gives dire warnings for the potential impacts from incoming category 5 hurricane Irma.

JunoCam Image Shows Multiple Storms Over Jupiter's South Pole (May 27, 2017): The JunoCam instrument on NASA's Jupiter spacecraft has revealed multiple oval-shaped storms over Jupiter's south pole.

Category Four Hurricane Matthew Expected to Cause Widespread Devastation From Florida to North Carolina (October 6, 2016): Hurricane Matthew is expected to run along the coast of eastern Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina causing potentially catastrophic damage.

Massive Destruction in Jeremie, Haiti from Hurricane Matthew (October 6, 2016): Aerial footage has revealed massive destruction in Jeremie, Haiti from Hurricane Matthew. Less than 1% of houses remain standing.

360-Degree Video of Tornado Recorded in Colorado (May 23, 2016): This 360-degree video of a close-range tornado was recorded neary Wray, Colorado. It was shared by AccuWeather.

NASA Uses Satellites to Track Volcanic Ash (May 15, 2016): NASA is using satellites to track volcanic ash. The NASA/NOAA/DoD Suomi NPP satellite maps the concentration of sulfur dioxide and volcanic aerosols

Colorado Tornado Photograph Wins 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest (December 29, 2015): A photograph of a Colorado tornado named DIRT has won the 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest. It was taken by James Smart.

Cyclone Chapala Is Second Strongest Cyclone Recorded in Arabian Sea (October 30, 2015): Cyclone Chapala could become the strongest storm recorded in the Arabian Sea. It currently has winds of 150 mph.

Study Finds Persian Gulf Climate May Become Too Hot for Humans (October 26, 2015): A new study from MIT and Loyola Marymount University has found that Climate Change may make the Persian Gulf too hot at times for humans to survive.

Hurricane Patricia is Strongest Hurricane Ever Measured (October 23, 2015): Hurricane Patricia is now the strongest hurricane ever measured. It is headed for the southern central Mexico coast.

UK's Met Office to Let Public Name Storms (September 9, 2015): The UK's Met Office is going to let the public name storms in the UK and Ireland.

Jim Bean Firenado Video Virals (September 4, 2015): A Jim Beam factory leak in 2003 lead to this unique bourbon-fueled Firenado. The video is now viraling.

Three Major Hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean (August 30, 2015): Satellite imagery shows three major hurricanes in the Pacific - east of the IDL - at one time.

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