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Dr. Fauci Warns Americans to Hunker Down for the Fall Covid-19 Surge (September 11, 2020): Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning American to hunker down for the Fall because we will probably face a surge in Covid-19 cases.

Scientists Grow First Functioning Mini Human Heart Model in the Lab (August 21, 2020): Researchers from Michigan State University have grown the first functioning mini human heart model in the laboratory.

Robotic Arms Give Humans Massages (August 11, 2020): Robotic Arms have been developed by Capsix Robotics and the University of Plymouth to give humans massages.

Florida Records Highest Daily Covid-19 Deaths With 217 (July 29, 2020): Florida reported a record number of Covid-19 deaths for July 29th with 217 deaths in a 24-hour period. A new daily record for the state.

U.S. Tops 77,000 Coronavirus Cases in a Single Day (July 17, 2020): The U.

Florida Reports 15,299 New Covid-19 Cases in One Day (July 12, 2020): The Covid-19 coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the United States.

U.S. Sets Daily Coronavirus Record of 63,200 Cases (July 10, 2020): The U.

Florida Smashes Coronavirus Records (July 5, 2020): Florida continues to break records for the number of daily coronavirus cases. The state had 11,458 new cases on Saturday.

Scientists Link ALK Gene to Thinness (June 1, 2020): Scientists have linked to ALK Gene to thinness. Researchers found deactivating gene led to weight loss in mice and fruit flies.

Massachusetts Set New Daily High for Coronavirus Deaths with 252 (April 29, 2020): Massachusetts has set a new daily high for coronavirus deaths with 252 deaths in one day.

Los Angeles County Records Highest Daily Coronavirus Death Toll (April 18, 2020): Los Angeles County has recorded its highest one day death toll from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

New York City Covid-19 Death Toll Passes 10,000 After Inclusion of At Home Deaths (April 15, 2020): The death toll in New York City from the Covid-19 coronavirus has passed 10,000 after 3,700 at home deaths were added.

Newborns Wear Tiny Face Shields at Bangkok Hospital (April 13, 2020): Even newborns get face shields at a hospital in Bangkok.

Covid-19 Kills 806 in New York City in Single Day (April 8, 2020): The Covid-19 coronavirus killed 806 people in New York City yesterday.

Tiger at Bronx Zoo Tests Positive for Covid-19 Coronavirus (April 5, 2020): A 4-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York has tested positive for Covid-19 coronavirus.

Los Angeles Mayor Tells Citizens to Wear Masks (April 2, 2020): There has been a growing interest in having people wear masks in the U.

Institute for Health Metrics Site Provides Covid-19 Hospital Projections (April 1, 2020): The Institute for Health Metrics (IHME) recently launched a website called IHME Covid-19 Projections.

Spain Records Fifth Consecutive Day with 800+ Coronavirus Deaths (April 1, 2020): Spain has recorded its fifth day in a row with 800 or more Covid-19 coronavirus deaths.

Washington D.C. Issues Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Order (March 30, 2020): Washington D.

CDC Guidance May Soon Recommend Americans Wear Masks to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus (March 28, 2020): Dr.

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