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Here are the latest posts about Pluto on Science, Space & Robots:

Pluto's Moon Hydra Coated in Nearly Pristine Water Ice
NASA's New Horizons researchers say data indicates that Pluto's moon Hydra is covered in nearly pristine water ice. (May 10, 2016)

NASA Shares Panchromatic Global Map of Pluto
NASA's New Horizons mission team has released a black and white global map of Pluto creatured using images collected as recently as April 25. (May 2, 2016)

NASA Releases Highest Resolution Close-up Images of Pluto
NASA has released the sharpest close-ups yet of Pluto taken by the New Horizons spacecraft. (December 6, 2015)

Pluto's Ice Volcanoes and Spinning Moons
New Horizons has revealed more intriguing details about Pluto including twirling moons and the possibility of ice volcanoes. (November 9, 2015)

New Horizons Shares Image of Pluto's Double-Lobed Moon Kerberos
New Horizons has shared images of Pluto's tiny double-lobed moon named Kerberos. It has a highly-reflective surface suggesting water ice. (October 23, 2015)

Latest Pluto Findings Include a Blue Sky Haze and Water Ice
New Horizons has revealed two more amazing Pluto discoveries. These include a blue sky haze around Pluto and water ice. (October 8, 2015)

New Charon Images Reveal Great Canyon System
New Horizons has shared the highest resolution image yet of Pluto's moon Charon. They reveal a great canyon system four times as long as the Grand Canyon. (October 2, 2015)

New Image of Textured Pluto Mountains Nicknamed Snakeskin
The New Horizons team has released an image of textured mountains on Pluto that resemble scales or snakeskin. (September 25, 2015)

New Horizons Shares Close-up Images of Pluto's Icy Plains Named Sputnik Planum
New Horizons has shared close-up images of an expanse of icy plains on Pluto called the Sputnik Planum. (September 11, 2015)

New Horizons Captures Images of Pluto's Smaller Moons Nix and Hydra
NASA has shared images of Pluto's smaller moons Nix and Hydra captured by New Horizons on July 14. (July 23, 2015)

Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson about Pluto Mission
Stephen Colbert has been putting up interesting content on his YouTube channel even though his talk show has not yet officially started. (July 18, 2015)

Youthful Ice Mountain Range Spotted on Pluto
Astronomers have spotted a youthful mountain range on Pluto. NASA astronomers believe it formed no more than 100 million years ago. (July 15, 2015)

New Pluto Photo Released as New Horizons Nears Its Closest Approach
NASA released this beautiful new image of Pluto as the New Horizons spacecraft is making its closest approach. (July 14, 2015)

NASA Shares Artist's Rendering of Pluto Bathed in Moonlight
NASA shared this artist's rendering of what Pluto might look like as it is bathed in moonlight from its largest moon Charon. (July 12, 2015)

Latest Pluto Image From New Horizons Shows Four Dark Spots
The latest image of Pluto taken by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft shows four dark spots. New Horizons will make its closest approach to Pluto on July 14. (July 11, 2015)

NASA Shares Pluto Image Acquired by New Horizons
NASA shares new Pluto image acquired by New Horizons. The photo has a heart-shapred feature as well as features dubbed the whale and the donut. (July 9, 2015)

Pluto's Moon Charon May Have Had Underground Ocean
Astronomers say there may one have been an underground ocean on Pluto's large moon Charon. (June 14, 2014)

Pluto's Fourth and Fifth Moons Named Kerberos and Styx
Pluto's fourth and fifth moons have officially been named Kerberos and Styx. (July 4, 2013)

Italian Archaeologists Find Pluto's Gate to Hell
Italian archaeologists, led by Francesco D'Andria from the University of Salento, believe they have found Pluto's Gate in southwestern Turkey. (April 6, 2013)

Seti Poll Selects Cerberus and Vulcan as Names For Pluto's Fourth and Fifth Moons
Pluto's fifth moon was discovered in July, 2012 by astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. (February 26, 2013)

New Horizons Spacecraft May Encounter Dangerous Debris as it Gets Closer to Pluto in 2015
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is nearly seven years into its 9. (October 21, 2012)

Hubble Discovers Fifth Moon Orbiting Pluto
Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have discovered another moon orbiting Pluto. (July 11, 2012)

Pluto Dropped From Planet List
Pluto has been dropped from the list of nine planets. The controversial decision was made at the 2006 International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly. (August 24, 2006)