Hurricane Beryl is Earliest Cat 5 Hurricane

Posted on July 2, 2024

Hurricane Beryl became the earliest Cat 5 hurricane on record when it intensified to Cat 5 status late on July 1, 2024. It had winds of 160 mph when it became a Cat 5. It is currently a strong Cat 4 with maximum 155 mph winds.

Meteorologist Ryan Phillips shows the potential track of Beryl in the video above that could have it make a close approach to Jamaica. It is expected to weaken after passing Jamaica.

Brian McNoldy, Senior Research Associate at the Univ. of Miami Rosenstiel School, tweeted, "Obliterating records set during the infamous 2005 hurricane season is not a good omen. #Beryl holds the new record for earliest Category 5 hurricane by a huge 15-day margin now." He says Beryl will be the worst storm for Jamaica since Hurricane Dean in 2007.

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