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Here are the latest posts about SpaceX on Science, Space & Robots:

SpaceX Wants to Take You Anywhere On Earth in Under One Hour
SpaceX wants to use rockets to take people anywhere on Earth in less than one hour. (September 29, 2017)

SpaceX to Send Private Citizens on a Trip Around the Moon in 2018
SpaceX plans to send private citizens on a trip around the Moon in 2018. SpaceX will use its upcoming Crew Dragon spacecraft. (February 27, 2017)

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes on Launch Pad at Cape Canaveral
A SpaceX rocket exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral. There was a mission scheduled for later today. (September 1, 2016)

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Nearly Sticks Landing on Droneship
The SpaceX Falcon rocket nearly stuck its landing on a droneship yesterday. A problem with one of the legs caused the rocket to fall over after landing and explode. (January 18, 2016)

SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes After Takeoff
SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket exploded shortly after takeoff. The CRS-7 mission was carrying supplies to the International Space Station. (June 28, 2015)

SpaceX Will Attempt to Land a Rocket on a Barge Tomorrow
SpaceX will attempt to land a rocket on a barge in the ocean tomorrow. The attempt is part of a cargo mission to the International Space Station. (January 5, 2015)

Frightened Cows Flee From SpaceX Rocket Test
Cows can be seen running away shortly after a SpaceX reusable rocket test in a newly released video. (September 10, 2013)

Video: SpaceX's Reusable Grasshopper Rocket Completes 325 Meter Test
This video shows SpaceX's reusable Grasshopper rocket completing a successful 325 meter (1066 feet) test. (July 8, 2013)

SpaceX's Grasshopper Reusable Rocket Completes Two Story Hop Test
SpaceX released this video footage of its reusable Grasshoper rocket completing a nearly two story hop. (November 7, 2012)

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Grappled and Berthed to International Space Station
The SpaceX Dragon capsule's mission to dock with the International Space Station is a success. (May 25, 2012)

SpaceX's Dragon Spacecraft Mission to Dock With International Space Station to Launch May 19th
SpaceX aims to become the first privately-owned company to build spacecraft that will dock with the International Space Station when it launches the Dragon Capsule on May 19th. (May 16, 2012)