Boston Dynamics Teases New Electric Atlas Humanoid Robot

Posted on April 18, 2024

Electric Atlas Robot

Boston Dynamics revealed a new fully electric Atlas robot after retiring the hydraulic Atlas last week. The new Atlas shows mankind is getting much closer to making the robots we imagined from science fiction a reality.

Atlas has a large camera-like lens for an eye. It has multi-jointed legs and arms. Boston Dynamics says this Atlas will be stronger than the hydraulic Atlas.

Boston Dyanmics says in the announcement, "Similar to our Stretch rollout, we will be partnering with a small group of innovative customers, beginning with Hyundai, to test and iterate Atlas applications over the next few years. This is the first look at a real product, but it certainly isn't the last."

Boston Dynamics also released a video of the robot. Atlas can be seen picking itself up off the floor in an unusual manner by flipping its legs backwards. It then walks backwards before spinning its head around and facing the camera. Atlas then marches off somewhere unknown.

Image: Boston Dynamics

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