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Here are the latest posts about H5N1 on Science, Space & Robots:

H5N1 Discovered at Texas Egg Facility
Cal-Main Foods reported that H5N1 was discovered at its Texas egg facility in Parmer County, Texas. 1.6 million hens and 337,000 pullets were culled as a result. (April 2, 2024)

Scientific Journals Plan to Publish Controversial Bird Flu Research After NSABB Reverses Previous Decision
NPR reports that researchers now plan to publish research that explains how they created strains of the H5N1 bird flu virus in the lab that can infect ferrets and become transmissibile in ferrets. (April 1, 2012)

WHO: Indonesia Needs Helping Fighting Bird
Indonesia has been the hardest hit country in the battle against bird flu. (April 5, 2008)

Bird Flu Facts Update
Despite serious efforts to control the deadly H5N1 virus outbreaks continue. (October 2, 2007)

Human-to-Human Transmission of H5N1 Confirmed
Reuters reports that matematical analysis has confirmed that the deadly bird flu virus was spread from human to human in Indonesia in 2006. (August 28, 2007)

WHO Director-General Warns Flu Pandemic Will Certainly Happen
Margarent Chan, the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that there will be a flu pandemic. (April 7, 2007)

Flu Pandemic Could Impact the Internet
DailyKos is reporting that a influenza pandemic could bring down the Internets. (February 14, 2007)

Most Bird Flu Victims Under 40
The WHO has found that the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus kills mostly young people. (July 10, 2006)

Bird Flu: What's the Risk?
By now everyone has heard about H5N1 bird flu, the virus that has been killing birds and some people in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. (May 31, 2006)

Thousands Quarantined in Bucharast Over Bird Flu Fears
Romania has ordered an aggressive quarantine of several communities after bird flu was discovered in Bucharest, the country's capital. (May 24, 2006)

More Human-to-Human Bird Flu Concerns in Indonesia
Bloomberg is reporting that the number of deaths in the Indonesian cluster of bird flud deaths has increased to seven. (May 23, 2006)

Human-to-Human Spread of Bird Flu Suspected in Indonesia
The Canadian Press reports that human-to-human transmission of bird flu is a possiblity in the death of Indonesian man who was killed by the H5N1 virus. (May 22, 2006)

Scotland Swan Confirmed as H5N1
The BBC reports that test on the dead swan discovered in Scotland have confirmed that the swan had the deadly H5N1 virus. (April 10, 2006)

WHO: Bird Flu Bigger Challenge Than AIDS
The Irish Examiner reports that Dr. (March 8, 2006)

Leavitt Says Bird Flu Could Hit U.S. Very Soon
Reuters reports that U. (March 2, 2006)

Bird Flu Worst Case Scenario: 142 Million Dead
A CNN article has several scenarios thought up an Australian think tank that could occur should the H5N1 virus mutate and cause an outbreak in humans. (February 22, 2006)

Spread of Bird Flu Continues
The spread of bird flu in Europe, Asia and Africa continues with Egypt, France and India recently added to the growing list of countries that have birds or people sick with the H5N1 virus. (February 20, 2006)

Bird Flu Hits Africa
The deadly H5N1 bird flu virus has hit the continent of Africa. (February 8, 2006)

Are Migratory Birds Spreading Bird Flu or Not?
A LiveScience. (January 9, 2006)

Flamingo in Kuwait Killed by H5N1
H5N1 has been confirmed in the dead flamingo found in Kuwait. (November 12, 2005)

Bird Flu Confirmed in Greece
MSNBC. (October 17, 2005)