Volcano News: Page 2

This is page 2 of the volcano news archives.

New Ocean Forming Near Horn of Africa (March 15, 2006): Spiegel has a very interesting article that lots of science blogs and the mainstream media are discussing.

Could Tambora be the Pompeii of the East? (March 6, 2006): An old Indonesian civilization called Tambora has been discovered underneath volcanic ash from a volcano that wiped out the population of 100,000.

Will the Vanuatu Volcano Erupt? (December 8, 2005): Vulcanologists are closely monitoring a Pacific underwater volcano to see if it will erupt.

What is Causing the Oregon Bulge? (September 8, 2005): The U.

USGS Calls for Volcano Early Warning System (May 11, 2005): The U.

Supervolcano Risk is Real (March 14, 2005): The BBC reports that scientists are recommending an emergency management taskforce be established in case there is a massive volcanic eruption somewhere on Earth known as a super-eruption.

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