Accuweather and NHC Forecast Paths for Gustav Differ in Gulf

Posted on August 27, 2008

The tale of two tracks. Accuweather and the National Hurricane Center currently have forecast tracks that vary considerably for Gustav once it enters the Gulf of Mexico. Accuweather's forecast has all of Texas in the cone. The official forecast path from the NHC is right of Accuweather's cone.

NHC August 27 2008 Forecast for Gustav

The local National Weather Service (NWS) offices will obviously be focusing on the NHC's forecast. It is also the one the public should and will be paying close attention to. However, it is curious that Accuweather's path is so different from the NHC's path - especially since they partially base their forecast on information from the National Hurricane Center. Both Accuweather and the NHC forecast a strong Category 3 or higher system in the Gulf of Mexico. Both forecasts are also subject to large errors because landfall is still several days away.

Photo: National Hurricane Center
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