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Sauropod Dinosaurs Likely Consumed Psychotropic Fungus (February 16, 2015): Sauropod dinosaurs likely consumed a psychotropic fungus. An amber fossil indicates the fungus was on the grass some dinosaurs would have eaten.

Fossil of Extremely Long-Necked Dinosaur Discovered in China (January 28, 2015): The fossil of a new species of long-necked dinosaur has been discovered in China. The dinosaur was about 50 feet long.

Fossils of Ancient Snakes Discovered (January 28, 2015): Scienitsts have found fossils of the oldest known snakes. It pushes the snake evolution clock back about 70 million years.

New Horned Dinosaur Species Discovered in Museum Storage (December 7, 2014): Scientists discovered a new horned dinosaur species when they took a new look at some fossils that had been in the museum for over 75 years.

Scientists Recreate Walk of Bizarre Duckbilled Dinosaur (October 22, 2014): Scientists have recreate the walk of Deinocheirus mirificus, a duck-billed dinosaurs with large forearms.

King Nose: Newly Discovered Hadrosaur Species Had Huge Nose (October 5, 2014): A hadrosaur species has been named King Nose because it had a huge nose. The large-nosed dinosaur roamed the earth 75 million years ago.

Spinosaurus Ate Sharks and Huge Fish (September 12, 2014): Scientists have discovered the fossils of Spinosaurus in the Sahara desert. The creature had curved blade-like claws and giant slanted teeth.

Supermassive Dreadnoughtus Sauropod Feared Nothing Say Scientists (September 4, 2014): Dreadnoughtus schrani is described as a massive dinosaur that weighed about 65 tons and was 85 feet long.

Horned Dinosaur Species Had Wing-Shaped Headgear (June 18, 2014): Mercuriceratops gemini, a newly discovered dinosaur species, had wing-shaped ornamentation on the sides of its skull.

Scientists Say Most Dinosaurs Were Mesothermic (June 13, 2014): Researchers say most dinosaurs were mesothermic, a middle path between warm-blooded and cold-blooded.

Fossilized Bones of 77 Ton Titanosaur Unearthed in Argentina (May 17, 2014): The fossilized bones of a 77 ton titanosaur have been unearthed in Argentina.

Scientists Discover Fossil of Pinocchio Rex, a Long-Snouted Cousin of T-Rex (May 7, 2014): Scientists find fossil of Pinocchio Rex, a long-snouted cousin of T-rex. The dinosaur lived 66 million years ago.

Fossil of Small Tyrannosaur Species Found in Alaska (March 12, 2014): Paleontologists have discovered the fossil of a small tyrannosaur species in Alaska. The species was about half the size of a T. rex.

Torvosaurus Gurneyi: Scientists Find Fossil of Largest Terrestrial Predator From Europe (March 5, 2014): A newly discovered dinosaur was the largest terrestrial predator from Europe. The dinosaur species was 10 meters long and weighed 4 to 5 tons.

Scientists Raise Chickens With Artificial Tails to Learn How Dinosaurs Walked (February 9, 2014): Scientists raised chickens with artificial tails in an attempt to learn more about how dinosaurs may have walked.

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