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Transylvania Dwarf Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had a Facial Tumor (July 9, 2016): A dwarf duck-billed dinosaur from Transylvania suffered from a facial tumor

New Study Reveals Bite Strength of Stegosaurus (May 23, 2016): Stegosaurus had the bite strength similar to modern herbivorous mammals, such as sheep and cows.

Machairoceratops Had Large Curved Spikes on its Neck Shield (May 19, 2016): A new horned dinosaur species has been discovered in Utah. It had large curved spikes on the back of its neck shield.

Newly Discovered Horned Dinosaur Had Spiked Shield-like Head Frill (May 18, 2016): A newly discovered horned dinosaur had a spike shield-like feature over its head and sideways horns over its eyes.

Fossil Discovery Suggests Baby Titanosaurs Needed Little Parental Help (May 1, 2016): The discovery of a fossilized baby titanosaur suggests the tiny future giants were mostly self-reliant at birth.

Sarmientosaurus is a Newly Discovered Titanosaur From Argentina (April 27, 2016): Scientists have discvoered the fossils of a new titanosaur fossil in Argentina. It has been named Sarmientosaurus musacchioi

New Wales Dinosaur Species is Earliest Known Dinosaur from the Jurassic (February 13, 2016): A dinosaur fossil recently discovered in Wales is the earliest known dinosaur from the Jurassic Period. It is about 200 million years old.

Researchers Discover New Plant-Eating Horned Dinosaur Species (December 9, 2015): Scientists have discovered a new plant-eating horned dinosaur species. It is the second oldest-known member of the horned dinosaurs.

Giant Raptor Fossil Unearthed from Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota (November 4, 2015): A giant raptor fossil has been unearthed from the Hell Creek Foundation in South Dakota.

Well-Preserved Fossil of Ostrich-like Ornithomimus Dinosaur Discovered (October 28, 2015): A fossil of an ostrich-like Ornithomimus dinosaur has been discovered. It has preserved tail feathers and skin.

Researchers Digitally Reconstruct Titanosaur Brain Cavity From Fossilized Braincase (October 18, 2015): Researchers have digitally reconstructed the brain cavity of a titanosaur from a fossilized braincase discovered in 2007 in Spain.

Fossils of Baby Saurolophus Dinosaurs Discovered at Dragon's Tomb (October 15, 2015): Scientists have discovered a nest of baby saurolophus dinosaurs at Dragon's Tomb in Mongolia.

Fossils of New Hadrosaur Species Found on North Slope of Alaska (September 22, 2015): Researchers have discovered the fossils of a previously unknown hadrosaur species in Alaska.

Small Triceratops Relative Nicknamed Ava Discovered in Montana (September 19, 2015): Scientists have discovered a near complete fossil of a triceratops-like species. The species has been nicknamed Ava.

Newly Discovered Australian Dinosaur Named Lightning Claw (September 15, 2015): Researchers have discovered a new Australian dinosaur named Lightning Claw. It was discovered in Lightning Ridge.

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