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  • Horned Dinosaur Species Had Wing-Shaped Headgear (June 18, 2014): Mercuriceratops gemini, a newly discovered dinosaur species, had wing-shaped ornamentation on the sides of its skull.

  • Scientists Say Most Dinosaurs Were Mesothermic (June 13, 2014): Researchers say most dinosaurs were mesothermic, a middle path between warm-blooded and cold-blooded.

  • Fossilized Bones of 77 Ton Titanosaur Unearthed in Argentina (May 17, 2014): The fossilized bones of a 77 ton titanosaur have been unearthed in Argentina.

  • Scientists Discover Fossil of Pinocchio Rex, a Long-Snouted Cousin of T-Rex (May 7, 2014): Scientists find fossil of Pinocchio Rex, a long-snouted cousin of T-rex. The dinosaur lived 66 million years ago.

  • Fossil of Small Tyrannosaur Species Found in Alaska (March 12, 2014): Paleontologists have discovered the fossil of a small tyrannosaur species in Alaska. The species was about half the size of a T. rex.

  • Torvosaurus Gurneyi: Scientists Find Fossil of Largest Terrestrial Predator From Europe (March 5, 2014): A newly discovered dinosaur was the largest terrestrial predator from Europe. The dinosaur species was 10 meters long and weighed 4 to 5 tons.

  • Scientists Raise Chickens With Artificial Tails to Learn How Dinosaurs Walked (February 9, 2014): Scientists raised chickens with artificial tails in an attempt to learn more about how dinosaurs may have walked.

  • Fossil of New Titanosaur Discovered in Northwestern China (January 29, 2014): A fossil of a new sauropod, Yongjinglong datangi, has been discovered in northwestern China by a University of Pennsylvania paleontologists.

  • King of Gore Dinosaur Unearthed in Utah (November 7, 2013): A newly discovered dinosuar, Lythronax argestes, has been discovered in Southern Utha. The name Lythronax means King of Gore.

  • High School Student Discovered Baby Dinosaur Fossil (October 27, 2013): A high school student discovered the fossil of a baby Parasaurolophus. The find is the most complete fossil yet found of the dinosaur.

  • Scientists Use Wind Tunnel to Test Flight of Microraptor (September 29, 2013): Scientsits from the University of Southampton used a wind tunnel to test the flight of the microraptor, a four-winged dinosaur that lived about 120 million years ago.

  • Well Preserved Hadrosaur Tail Fossil Found in Mexico (July 27, 2013): Paleontologists have discovered an unusually well preserved harosaur tail in a small town in Mexico.

  • Dinosaur With Big Nose and Long Horns Discovered in Utah (July 17, 2013): A new species of dinosaur related to triceratops has been discovered in Utah. It had a big nose and long horns.

  • Newly Identified Feathered Dinosaur Could be Earliest Bird (May 29, 2013): A newly discovered fossil of a feathered dinosaur found in China could be the earliest known bird specimen. The creature has been named Aurornis xui.

  • Canadian Museum of Nature Has Warehouse Full of Unexamined Dinosaur Bones (May 23, 2013): The Canadian Museum of Nature has a vast warehouse of dinosaur bones collected in the field that have never been examined.

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