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Fossils of New Hadrosaur Species Found on North Slope of Alaska (September 22, 2015): Researchers have discovered the fossils of a previously unknown hadrosaur species in Alaska.

Small Triceratops Relative Nicknamed Ava Discovered in Montana (September 19, 2015): Scientists have discovered a near complete fossil of a triceratops-like species. The species has been nicknamed Ava.

Newly Discovered Australian Dinosaur Named Lightning Claw (September 15, 2015): Researchers have discovered a new Australian dinosaur named Lightning Claw. It was discovered in Lightning Ridge.

New Sauropod Dinosaur Species Named Rain Lizard (August 24, 2015): Scientists have discovered the fossils of a new sauropod dinosaur. It has been named Pulanesaura eocollum, which means rain lizard.

Fossil of New Feathered Dinosaur Species Unearthed in China (July 16, 2015): Scientists have discovered a new feathered dinosaur species in China. It is a relative of Velociraptor.

New Horned Dinosaur is Named Wendiceratops (July 9, 2015): A newly discovered dinosaur species has been named Wendiceratops. The fossils were found in southern Alberta, Canada.

Crown-like Skull of Hellboy Dinosaur Weighs 592 Pounds (June 9, 2015): Scientists have discovered a new Triceratops relative. The dinosaur, nicknamed Hellboy, had a skull weighing 592 pounds.

Yale Scientists Grow Dino Snouts on Chicken Embryos (May 22, 2015): Yale Scientists grew dino snouts on chicken embryos by using small-molecule inhibitors.

Fossils of Enigmatic Plant Eating Dinosaur Found in Chile (April 27, 2015): Scientists have discovered the fossils of a puzzling plant-eating dinosaur dubbed the platypus dinosaur in Chile.

Scientists Estimate Weight of Stegosaurus Using Nearly Complete Skeleton (March 4, 2015): Scientists have estimated the weight of stegosaurus using the most complete stegosaurus skeleton ever found.

Sauropod Dinosaurs Likely Consumed Psychotropic Fungus (February 16, 2015): Sauropod dinosaurs likely consumed a psychotropic fungus. An amber fossil indicates the fungus was on the grass some dinosaurs would have eaten.

Fossil of Extremely Long-Necked Dinosaur Discovered in China (January 28, 2015): The fossil of a new species of long-necked dinosaur has been discovered in China. The dinosaur was about 50 feet long.

Fossils of Ancient Snakes Discovered (January 28, 2015): Scienitsts have found fossils of the oldest known snakes. It pushes the snake evolution clock back about 70 million years.

New Horned Dinosaur Species Discovered in Museum Storage (December 7, 2014): Scientists discovered a new horned dinosaur species when they took a new look at some fossils that had been in the museum for over 75 years.

Scientists Recreate Walk of Bizarre Duckbilled Dinosaur (October 22, 2014): Scientists have recreate the walk of Deinocheirus mirificus, a duck-billed dinosaurs with large forearms.

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