New Duck-Billed Dinosaur Identified from Fossil Found in Northern Japan

Posted on September 5, 2019

Scientists have identified a new species of duck-billed dinosaur. The fossils of the dinosaur were found in 72-million year-old marine deposits in northern Japan. The species has been named Kamuysaurus japonicus. It is nicknamed "Mukawaryu" after the excavation site.

The researchers discovered the dinosaur belongs in the Edmontosaurini clade, but it has three unique characteristics. These include: "he low position of the cranial bone notch, the short ascending process of the jaw bone, and the anterior inclination of the neural spines of the sixth to twelfth dorsal vertebrae."

The researchers found a nearly complete skeleton of the dinosaur. It was an adult aged 9 year or old. It was 8 meters long.

The video below shows the impressive skeleton discovered.

Research Paper: Scientific Reports

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