GeoEye Releases Satellite Image of Ice Fields Near Adelaide Island for Earth Day

Posted on April 22, 2012

Adelaide Island Ice Fields

This satellite image from GeoEye shows beautiful ice fields near Adelaide Island. Adelaide Island is a large island located on the north side of Marguerite Bay off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The island, which is mostly ice-covered, is 75 miles long and 20 miles wide. The island was discovered by a British expedition in 1832. There are two research stations on the island.

You can view a hi-res version of the image here.

LiveScience reported earlier this month that the ESA's Envisat satellite has been observing the disintegration of ice sheets in the Antartic since 2002. The Larsen Ice Shelf has shrunk by 15% since 1995.

MSNBC's Photo Blog has a few more interesting images here that were released by GeoEye today.

Photo: GeoEye

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