2008 Tornado Tally Off to a Fast Start

Posted on March 11, 2008

Tornado Stats March 2008

The graph above shows the number of tornadoes for this year compared to recent years and to the ten-year average. The red line shows the number of tornadoes this year. As you can see the number we have had so far this year is way above recent years and the 10-year average. The U.S. gets about 800 tornadoes a year on average. This year there have already been over 400.

This month is normally the time of year when we just start to experience the most severe weather and tornadoes. The peak for the Southern states is usually March, April and May. Northern states get more tornadoes in the Summer months. We still have a long ways to go in this year's tornado season but it is off to an unusual start. Large outbreaks like the Super Tuesday Outbreak have helped to spike this year's figure.

The graph above is from the SPC's website. You can view a much larger version of it here.

Image: NOAA

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