24-year-old Blogs to Prevent Skin Cancer

Posted on January 5, 2006

24-year-old Lee Jordan was shocked when a mole on his arm turned out be cancerous. Jordan decided to blog about his experience to help others learn about skin cancer and remember to check on their moles.

On his blog, Jordan writes: "I was recently diagnosed with a deadly form of Skin Cancer and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to keep a check on your moles and consult your GP as soon as any noticable changes occur, left too late Melanoma when in its advanced stages is one of the most hardest cancers to treat .... Thank you for sparing the time to even stumble upon this blog."

The BBC offers this description of Jordan's melanoma in article.

The melanoma on his leg was 6mm in depth.

He knows that, because of the delay in diagnosis, his chances of surviving the next five years are 50/50.

"My Breslow depth (a method for measuring the depth of the tumour, used to predict a patient's chance of survival) for the mole on the back of my leg was off the scale. It came in at a whopping 6mm depth.

"It was because it was bleeding that my family pressured me to get it checked out, I really thought it wouldn't have been as serious as it was.

Hopefully, Lee Jordan will be okay and his blog will help other young adults learn to take skin cancer more seriously.

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