Africa Faces Ebola and Marburg Threats

Posted on March 24, 2005

A new Ebola outbreak has emerged in the Sudan. The BBC reports that four people are dead. There are 19 probable cases and over 100 people have been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus. The only good news is that the WHO says this strain of Ebola does not seem as virulent as past outbreaks. However, scientists do not believe it is a new strain of Ebola.

Meanwhile, in Angola the Marburg outbreak continues to cause problems. Already 98 people are reported dead including hospital workers and young children. A new report by the BBC indicates the virus has spread into the city of Luanda, in Northern Angola. 5 cases are reported in the capital including a teenage boy and an Italian doctor. The boy and doctor where both recently in Uige where the Marburg outbreak is believed to have began.

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