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Video: Discovery of Electric Blue Tarantula (July 6, 2024): This video shows the discovery of a new electric blue tarantula species in Thailand. It was named Chilobrachys natanicharum.

Video: The Shoebill Stork, Balaeniceps rex (July 5, 2024): The Shoebill stork (Balaeniceps rex) is a large prehistoric-looking bird with a huge bulbous bill. The birds are found in uganda.

Fourth Bird Flu Case Reported in U.S. (July 5, 2024): A fourth case of the bird flu has been reported in the United States. It is another dairy farm worker. This time in Colorado.

Giant Fossil of Ancient Salamander-Like Predator Found in Namibia (July 5, 2024): A fossil of a giant ancient salamander-like predator with fangs was discovered in Namibia. The fossil was 3 meters long.

Poozeum Fossilized Poop Museum Opens in Arizona (July 4, 2024): The Poozeum in Arizona is a museum about the fossilized poop of ancient animals.

Video Provides First Evidence of Jumping Leeches (July 4, 2024): Researchers have released a video that provides the first evidence that a leech species is capable of jumping. It coils back before jumping.

Caltech Simulation Shows How Black Holes Grow (July 2, 2024): New Caltech cosmic simulation finds that magnetic fields play a much larger role in the growth and evolution of black holes than previously thought.

Video: Kinkajou Found Abandoned at Washington Rest Area (July 1, 2024): A kinkajou was found abandoned at a rest area in Washington. It is now recovering at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Over 2,200 Dengue Fever Cases in U.S. So Far This Year (July 1, 2024): There have been over 2,200 Dengue fever cases in the U.S. this year. Most of these cases were not locally transmitted.

Envision Binoculars Contain Smart Overlay (June 30, 2024): These news binoculars from Unistellar contain a smart AR overlay to identify objects you see through the binoculars.

Rare White Bison Birth In Yellowstone Both a Blessing and a Warning (June 29, 2024): A very rare white bison was born in Yellowstone recently. Indigenous tribes sese it as both a prophesy fulfilled and a warning of major change.

Smiling Robot Face Made With Living Human Skin Cells (June 28, 2024): Researchers from the University of Tokyo created a happy robot face using living human skin cells.

3D Visualization of The Pillars of Creation (June 28, 2024): The Hubble Space Telescope shared this 3D visualization of The Pillars of Creation.

Video: Sinkhole Appears in Soccer Field in Illinois (June 27, 2024): A growing video is swallowing a soccer field in Illinois. The sinkhole's appearance was captured on video. It is about 30 feet deep and 100 feet wide.

DC Heat Wave Melts Abe Lincoln Wax Sculpture (June 27, 2024): Washington DC is experiencing a heat wave. This wax sculpture of Abraham Lincoln was no match for the heat. Abe's head melted away.

Covid Spike in Summer 2024 (June 26, 2024): Covid is going over an unexpected summer spike. ER visits are up 14.7% and hospitalizations are up 25% in the past few weeks.

Ancient Roman Laundry Unearthed Near Vatican (June 25, 2024): An ancient Roman laundry has been unearthed near the Vatican. It had mosaic-tiled floors. It was originally likely an imperial residence.

Fork Fern Has World's Largest Genome (June 24, 2024): A fork fern species has the largest known genome. It has a genome that is 50 times the size of a human genome.

ReachBot to Explore Caves on Mars (June 23, 2024): ReachBot is a lightweight robot with extendable booms that is being developed by Stanford University researchers to explore caves on the moon and Mars.

Video: Deep-sea Squid Carrying Large Eggs (June 22, 2024): MBARI observed a large deep-squid carrying a cluster of large eggs. The researchers suspect it is a new species of Gonatidae e that broods giant eggs.

Study Finds Seven Stars Possibly Containing Dyson Spheres (June 21, 2024): A study has found seven possible stars containing Dyson spheres. The researchers looked for evidence of infrared radiation that could not be explained.

Astronomers Observe Black Hole Awakening (June 19, 2024): Astronomers observe a black hole awakening in real time. Galaxy SDSS1335+0728 start shining brighter than ever before in 2019.

Video: Summer Heat Dome Impacts 73 Million (June 18, 2024): An early heat dome is brining excessive heat warnings to the midwest and eastern U.S.

Video: Some Dairy Farms Using Huge Methane Digesters (June 18, 2024): Dairy Farms in California are using large methane digesters to reduce the climate impact and increase revenues.

Tumblemageddon: Utah Town Overwhelmed by Tumbleweed Onslaught (March 5, 2024): South Jordan, a town in Utah, has experienced Tumblemageddon. Tumbleweeds rolled in to the town by the thousands and piled up over cars and around homes.

Video: Ringbot is a Monocycle Robot with Legs (February 10, 2024): Ringbot is a monocycle robot with two legs. Ringbot can use its legs to move or stabilize itself. It can also roll around.

Video: Ghost Heart is Infused With Beating Human Stem Cells (September 30, 2022): A heart dubbed a ghost heart has been developed by Dr. Doris Taylor. It uses a scaffolding of a pig's heart.

Video: DART Spacecraft Collides with Asteroid (September 26, 2022): Here is the moment NASA's Dart spacecraft made its historic collision with the Dimorphos asteroid.

Video: Large Hail Smashes Car Windows in Alberta, Canada (August 3, 2022): A hailstorm hit Alberta, Canada on Monday. Hailstones as large as softballs smashed car windows on a major highway.

Video: Boston Dynamics Unveils Box Moving Robot Named Stretch (April 3, 2021): Boston Dynamics has developed a robot named Stretch that has a singular purpose - moving boxes.