Amazon Unveils Proteus, Its First Fully Automated Mobile Robot

Posted on June 22, 2022

Amazon has announced the launch of its new Proteus warehouse robot. Amazon says the bot is its first fully autonomous mobile robot.

Proteus is a flat robot that can help move objects by sliding underneath them. A video released by Amazon shows Proteus moving a large wheeled cart (called a GoCart) from one spot to another.

Amazon says in a release, "Proteus autonomously moves through our facilities using advanced safety, perception, and navigation technology developed by Amazon. The robot was built to be automatically directed to perform its work and move around employees—meaning it has no need to be confined to restricted areas. It can operate in a manner that augments simple, safe interaction between technology and people—opening up a broader range of possible uses to help our employees—such as the lifting and movement of GoCarts, the non-automated, wheeled transports used to move packages through our facilities."

Proteus is first being used in Amazon's fulfillment centers and sort centers. The company wants to use it to automate GoCart handling throughout its network.

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