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Zebrafish Want to Hang Out With 3-D Robotic Models of Themselves Say Scientists (October 25, 2016): Scientists have determined that zebrafish want to hang out with moving 3-D robotic models of themselves.

New Pea Crab Species Named After Two-Faced Roman God Janus (October 24, 2016): A new pea crab species Serenotheres janus was discovered inside a date mussel

Amazonian Frog's Skin Contains Chemicals That Mimic Ant Pheromones (October 20, 2016): An Amazonian frog has chemicals on its skin that mimics ant pheromones and lets it live among the ants.

Zebrafish Embryo Selfie Wins 2016 Nikon Small World Competition (October 19, 2016): This microscopic image of a zebrafish embryo won the 2016 Nikon Small World Competition. It was taken by Dr. Oscar Ruiz.

Tiny Ancient Crocodile Relative Had Mammal-Like Teeth (October 13, 2016): Scientists have discovered the fossil of an ancient crocodile relative that had mammal-like teeth.

Earliest Beardogs Lived in Texas 38 Million Years Ago (October 11, 2016): Scientists have identified fossils of the earliest and most primitive members of the beardog family.

Rare Venomous Sea Snake Discovered in Iranian Coastal Waters (October 10, 2016): Scientists have discovered that a rare venomous sea snake also inhabits the Iranian coastal waters off the western Gulf of Oman.

Scientists Discover Rainbow Boa Preying on a Vampire Bat (October 4, 2016): Scientists have discovered a rainbow boa preying on a vampire bat. This is the first video evidence of snakes predating on large vampire bats.

Arthropod Ancestor Had Mouth Like Sarlacc from Star Wars (September 27, 2016): An ancient arthropod ancestor had a mouth like Sarlacc from Star Wars.

Extinct Crocodile Relative Inhabited New Mexico Over 200 Million Years Ago (September 11, 2016): A new crocodile relative has been identified. The creature inhabited what is now New Mexico 212 million years ago.

Ancient Marsupial Lion had a Unique Hunting Style (September 9, 2016): An extinct ancient marsupial lion had a unique hunting style invovlving its large dew claw.

New Bivalve Species Discovered Living on a Sea Cucumber (September 8, 2016): Scientists have discovered a new bivalve species living on a sea cucumber. It was discovered in mudflats in Japan.

Scientists Discover New Crab Species in Chinese Pet Market (September 7, 2016): A new species of crab has been discovered in a Chinese pet market. It is also a new genus.

Snake Species Dubbed Ghost Snake Discovered in Madagascar (September 4, 2016): A new snake species named the Ghost Snake has been discovered in Madagascar.

Fossil of New Pterosaur Species Discovered in South America (September 1, 2016): The fossil of a previously unknown pterosaur species has been discovered in the Patagonia region of South America.

New Species of Snailfish Discovered in Bering Sea (August 29, 2016): Several new species of snailfish have been discovered on the seafloor of the Bering Sea.

New Species of Extinct Australian Marsupial Lion Named after Sir David Attenborough (August 23, 2016): A newly identified species of extinct Australian marsupial lion named after Sir David Attenborough.

Ancient Teotihuacan Residents May Have Raised Rabbits (August 23, 2016): Residents of the pre-Hispanic Mexican city of Teotihuacan may have bred rabbits and hares say researchers.

Study Finds Greenland Sharks Live for Hundreds of Years (August 12, 2016): A study has found Greenland sharks live for hundreds of years. They are the longest living vertebrate.

New Earth Snake Species Discovered in Mexico (August 12, 2016): A new species of orange and black earth snake has been discovered in east-central Mexico.

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